Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Reunion

Well, we just got back from our family reunion. What a blast!! I think I have the greatest family on earth. We all get along so well. It is just a total party when we get together. We stayed two nights at a ranch. We went horseback riding, fishing, and canoeing. The kids caught toads and rabbits. We watched movies, played games, sat in the hot tub, and ate and ate and ate!!! Each cabin had it's own hot tub and barbecue grill. One of our dinners included a roasted pig. Basically we went all out. There were 46 grand kids there and 23 adults. It was just one big huge party!! We sang songs around the campfire and had skit night. We only wish that Mom and Dad could have been there. Dad is still sick and going through cancer treatments. Maybe next year they can be there. I took 169 pictures while I was there! I just love taking pictures!!

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