Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Free For All

Well, when school got out I was really organized. I had my kids getting up and working on their "job charts". Basically it is just a list of things to get done in the day (clean room, read, piano, etc). At first they were getting it all done. Now things are starting to majorly slide. I think it all went down hill when it started warming up outside. They have spent the last three days out on the water slide, sprinkler under the trampoline, swimming pool, etc. Yesterday I bet we went through at least 10 towels. By the end of the day, I wanted to kick some rears, so to speak. At one point, Jace came in the house with a small wet spot on his shirt and he threw it into the dirty clothes hamper. I explained, "Jace I have been working all day doing laundry and cleaning. Do you think that it is fun for a Mom to work all summer while her kids are out playing?" He looked at me and without skipping a beat said, "Well, why don't you make Dad do something?" I told him that Dad was busy and would probably not be able to help me. Then Jace said, "Well just MAKE him." So, today I decided to be outside more with the kids. The house is definitely a major wreck and I will definitely pay for it. It just keeps reminding me of the poem that my mom likes to quote which always makes me cry...
Have you seen, anywhere, a tall little lad
And a wee winsome lass of four?
‘Twas only today, barefooted and brown,
That they played by my kitchen door.
‘Twas only today—or maybe a year?
It couldn't be twenty, I know,
They were calling for me to help in their game
But I was too busy to go.
Too busy with sweeping and dusting to play
And now they have silently wandered away.
If perchance you hear of this slim little lad
And this wee winsome lass of four,
I pray you tell me.
To find them again I would journey this wide world o’er.
Somewhere, I’m sure, they’ll be playing a game,
And should they be calling for me
To come out and help them,
Oh, tell them, I beg, I’m coming as fast as can be!
For there’s never a house might hold me today
Could I hear them call me to join in their play.

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