Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Way to go Riley!

Last night during the opening exercises of Young Womens, Riley played the opening song. She did such a good job and didn't make any mistakes. I think I was more nervous then she was. They were looking for someone to play and I volunteered Riley. She didn't put up too much a fight. I was so proud of her. That has always been something that I struggle with, so I want her to be good at it. She has been practicing hymns all summer and is getting pretty good at some of them. Good Job RILEY!

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Elaine said...

Oh, good for Riley! Good for her! That is so wonderful. What a blessing to be able to play the hymns any time you need comfort. It would be so wonderful to hear the hymns being played in my house... Wow, I can't even believe she is in YW. Tell her congrats for me!