Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Haley is always saying something that totally cracks me up. This morning I asked her if she was hungry. She told me yes, so I said, "What should I feed you?" She said, "I wanna pick the feed."

The other day I took Haley to ride some rides at park here in town. There are only 5 rides and they are very old. But, to a little kid, it is a total blast. She just kept yelling whoo-hoo!


Tai said...

Holy cow I am having total Brynn flashbacks. She is so stinkin cute!! Do you think she looks like Brynn? It looks like she is having lots of fun!!

Vaughn and Erin said...

I thought she looked like John, but these pictures make her look just like you as a little girl. My mom just took Maddi and Megan's kids to ride these rides a few weeks ago. Funny, I didn't even know they were still there until Maddi showed me pictures of her trip to I.F.

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...


I love the haircut! I did something similar to Ayva the beginning of the summer. It is a cute look. The fam is sure getting big. Time has a way of flying doesn't it? I hope all is well with your family!