Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, what a Halloween we had this year. I was dreaming peacefully in my bed 3:00 a.m. Oct 31st, when I heard a strange sound. It was one of those familiar sounds that just makes you cringe. Yes, Haley was throwing up in her bed! Hurray!! My favorite thing to do it clean up puke in a bunch of blankets, during the middle of the night. O-O-O-h quick sign me up!!!

Haley continued to throw up all night. The next morning, Jace said he wasn't feeling very good. He said, "Maybe I'm just hungry." So, I filled up a bowl of cereal and set it in front of him. After looking at it for a few minutes he decided he wasn't hungry, but sick. He went and got in bed with his "barf bucket".

Haley and Jace were sick all day, throwing up several times. But, they both deserve a medal for hitting the bucket EVERY single time (with exception to Haley's first out burst). Way to go Jace and Haley!!!!

So, they both had to miss Trick-or-Treating and all the school parties, etc. Jace wasn't able to wear his Mario costume that I actually sewed for him (and I don't even sew) He came up to me and told me he was sorry that I sewed him the costume and he didn't even get to wear it. What a sweet boy!!! Luckily we already had a family Halloween party and he was able to wear it there.

Hopefully next year we will have a better Halloween!

Miss "Sicky"

Mr. "Sicky" (doesn't he look pathetic)

What a cute HIPPY CHIC!

One of Riley's costumes. At the family party, she went as Captin Underpants. When she went trick-or-treating she dressed up as a house wife. I think it looks a little like me. Notice the fly swatter in her hand and rather large behind. LOVELY!

Jace at the family party in his Mario costume.


Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Oh, my Heidi. I couldn't help but laugh. I HATE throw up. I'm not even nice in the middle of the night either. The costumes are really good though! Riley's costume is CLASSIC!!! I love it!

Brooke and Stan said...

OH, that is a bummer they got sick...you are always so funny :) I love Jace's sick picture!!

Andrus Family said...

Sorry to hear about Barf O Ween. That is the worst. It looks like you guys had a fun Halloween. I love everyone's costumes. We are sad to keep missing the annual Halloween party :(

Tai said...

I hate waking up to that sound. You just know exactly what is going on and you almost hope it was just a bad dream. I am totally impressed with Jace's costume. You are amazingly talented. I only wish... Glad you had a fun Halloween.