Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mature Little Miss

My little Haley is sometimes just a little adult. Lately, in the morning, after watching a little T.V. I will hear the shower running. She will get herself in the shower, turn the water to her favorite temperature (VERY warm), and wash her hair. She knows the right amount of shampoo to pump, she knows to "scritchy scratch, and rubby rub" her shampoo into her hair. Then she just likes to relax in the shower for awhile. When I hear the water, I go in and she is just doing her thing. If she hasn't already washed her hair, she talks me through the process while she does it HERSELF. I can't believe she is only 3. I guess I should be happy about her great hygiene. One of these days she might decide that she doesn't want to shower or bath anymore.


Andrus Family said...

Impressive. I still bathe Ava and Bailey. (can you say control freak :( ) I guess her hairstyle is wash and wear--it's so cute. I'm always worried Ava and Bailey won't get enough conditioner and have too many tangles.

Tai said...

I can't believe at three she is already doing that!! Way to go Heidi. That is too cute.

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

That truly is impressive. Funny she is so particular! Sounds like she's going to be very independent. She's a cute little thing.