Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decorate and then redecorate

Every year when we pull out our Christmas tree we just have to laugh at it. It is a "special" tree. I don't mean "special" in a good way. I bought our tree 12 years ago at a garage sell for 5 bucks (they just about gave it to me for free). Each year I threaten to throw it out after Christmas and buy a new one for next year. I know that you can get an artificial tree for pretty cheap after Christmas. The only problem is after Christmas we are just plan out of dough. The tree is definitely a kids tree. The ornaments are either homemade or inherited. Let's talk about how I inherited some of them. My parents used to own apartments. One year a tenant moved out and left some things behind. Yep, you guessed it...some Christmas decorations and they are now mine.(ugly Christmas ball ornaments and a few other uglies). My mom gave them to me (thanks mom). So, if the tree gets tipped over or if a ball falls off and gets crushed, I'm not shedding a single tear. I guess when you have little kids, that's the way it should be. It is their tree.

I have such a helpful little daughter. She is constantly rearranging the Christmas tree for me. Here is a picture of her latest creation. Nicely done Haley!


Tai said...

Oh Heidi, I love how down to earth you are. It is nice to have things that you don't have to worry about with kids. Sometimes nice things are so overrated and cause to many headaches right?

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

The 50 ornaments in one line is comical. Your tree really does look nice though and's all about the kids anyway right?