Monday, December 1, 2008

Old, Ancient, Antique

Well, I am officially one year older. I turned the big 3-7 yesterday. YIKES! My kids look at me and think that I am just ancient. There are days that I feel ancient.

Time just seems to tick on by at a high rate of speed these days. It seems like we just celebrated my birthday and here it is again!!

I was teasing my mom the other day about the day that I was born. It just so happens that my mom is a total saint which makes this story even more funny. Well, when my mom went into labor with me, my dad was out of town. She had a neighbor lady drive her to the hospital. On the way there, they stopped off at my Grandma A's house, because she wanted to go with them. They knocked on her door for several minutes and she never answered. They finally decided they better just go without her. I was just about born in the neighbor's car. When they got to the hospital the nurse gave my mom some medicine that made her completely loopy. Here's the good mom kept letting "swear words" fly off her lips. I guess the words she was saying are the two favorites, "Damn it and Hell". Who hasn't said those words a time or two or fifty? Okay, in my case maybe a lot more. I think I lost count. I think that having kids does that to you. So, I like to give my mom a hard time and tell her that is why I turned out the way I did. I tease her that the first words I heard her say were "swear words". She never comments, she just laughs.

I was bald for a long long time. It reminds me of Brynn when she was a little baby.

I think I had this lovely hair-do thanks to my sister Monica who cut it for me. She was always cutting people's hair. I think she should have gone to beauty school.

I remember when I was in Primary and they would sing to you for your birthday. I was always mortified when they would sing..."This month is such a special one it's birthday time for you. We'd really like to celebrate your happy day with you. (Here comes the bad part) Zip-a-dee-ay and HEIDI-ho there's something we can do. We'll sing a song that we all know, Happy Birthday to you!" One time while they were singing it, my friends were kind of teasing me about having my name in the song. They would point to me during that part of the song. I could not stop laughing and my face felt so red. Finally one of the primary leaders had to ask us to be quiet and then I was even more embarrassed.


Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

What cute memories Heidi! I am loving the fact you have a reason to curse and I can only imagine giving birth in the backseat of a least she made it to the hospital. Happy Birthday and I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lots of Laugh's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Go out and live it up! Hey I need your address for my X-mas cards. Email me

Erin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your Mom is the BEST, but I do remember her swearing. It was great to see that she was like everyone else. I remember being at your house one day that your mom "lost it" and the next thing we see is your dad standing at the kitchen sink wearing your mom's apron doing the dishes. I think you and I vacuumed the stairs and then snuck away. I have so many great memories at your house.

Tai said...

I keep meaning to call you and tell you Happy Birthday... then Happy Late birthday... now I am just posting a comment since I can never get around to things until 10:30 or later!! We sure miss you guys. I hope you had a great b-day. You are the best.