Monday, January 5, 2009


Wow, I feel like I can finally take a breather. It was such a fun Christmas break. We were so very busy. 10 of the 12 kids in my family were in town for Christmas. There are 50 grand kids in the family and most of them were there to participate in the festivities.

I'm not even sure where to start with the run-down. We went and sang at the Senior Citizens Center and the grand kids handed out candy canes. The "old folks" enjoyed the music and seeing all the kids handing out candy canes. It was nice to go and do some service and have the kids be a part of it.

For Christmas Eve, we re-enacted the nativity, sang Christmas songs, read stories, ate lots of food, and then Santa came. It was so fun to see the excitement in the kids eyes when they saw Santa. Although some of the little kids didn't appreciate him very much.

When we were done we all drove to a couple of houses where we went to "secret Santa" a couple of families. Everyone ran up to the door to leave presents, and ring and run.

We also got together for Christmas day, New Years Eve (also Brynn's Birthday), and many other "just becauses". One day we met at a church and had a pot luck. While we were there we played many games in the gym of lightening. We have some pretty dang good athletes in the family if I do say so my dang self.

I think that I am blessed with one of the greatest families!!! Great Mom and Dad, great siblings, great husband, and great kids!

Below is a slideshow that gives just a tiny glimps of it all.......

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Heather Davies said...

Those pictures are hilarious! Ryder was so excited to see his face. I was looking at your blog and he just started laughing and grinning. That was a good time! I'm glad you took pictures. We are pretty lame parents.