Monday, January 26, 2009


Here is a little update about my chilirans...

Riley is enjoying 6th grade and hardly ever has homework because she finishes it all at school. She is a little too smart for her britches. She is way into listening to her ipod and music in the car, bedroom, bathroom, computer, etc. She loves to order music on iTunes. Every once in awhile I notice that she is wearing a little makeup. She loves to hang out with friends whenever she gets the chance. She is definitely a pre-teen!

Brynn is a little sweet heart that likes to make everyone happy. She loves to sit at the computer and type stories that she has written. She writes such cute little stories. She doesn't always enjoy sharing a room with Riley. Riley doesn't keep her side very clean at all. One of these days we will move to a bigger house and Brynn can have her own room then. In the mean time I remind her that I shared a room with two sisters when I was growing up. Brynn is taking piano and gymnastics and loving them both so much!!!!

Jace is a fireball. He loves to play the Wii, Xbox, Nintendo, anything he can get his hands on. He is getting tall and frequently complains about his legs hurting. Those dang growing pains!! He tells me often that he would love a little brother. I'm sure it is hard being the only boy in the family. He is always so sweet to his mom, and definitely butts heads with Riley. I think they just enjoy bugging each other.

Haley is the princess of the house. She is always putting dress up clothes on, lip stick, high heels, anything to make her beautiful. She likes to carry a purse when we go some where. In her purse you will find...lip gloss, chapstick, lipstick, lots of pennies, and keys. Whenever we go to my mom's house my mom gives her some old key that is kicking around. (They have hundreds of keys because they used to own several apartments). Haley asked me to sing her a song the other day..."Hush little baby, don't say a word". When I got to the part "Daddy will buy you a diamond ring" she said really loud, "I want that diamond ring!"


Heather Davies said...

That little Haley is a hoot! I can just see her saying that. Did Riley ever go pick up that purse at Mom & Dad's house? I guess she might not be as obsessed as Haley is with purses! :)

The Story of Life said...

Yes, she went and got the purse and she does like it a lot.

Tai said...

Love the update on your kiddos. I love the diamond ring comment. What a smart little girl!! You are welcome to come down and visit anytime, now you won't have to snuggle up in my parents bed ( I am hoping you remember that little conversation or that will sound weird, if I typed the conversation it would sound even worse!!) Anyway, we would love to see you and are totally settled and ready for visitors hmmm... anytime!!