Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wondering Wednesday...

Who makes you laugh more than anyone in the world?

Haley makes me laugh every day. She always says the cutest things. She is at the age where she just says whatever she is thinking.

I think I laugh at a lot of different things. All my kids make me laugh, (some days they make me cry and I want to kick their butts). I have been told MANY TIMES that I cackle like a witch. I recently recorded Riley on my cellphone. I laughed really hard while I was recording her. Riley likes to play that laugh over and over and over again. And can I just say, it is not a very pretty laugh. I think I do cackle like a witch. And it's very loud too!

The times I laugh the most is when it is late. I get so incredibly slap-happy and everything is just hilarious to me. Anyone that has been around me when it is late can attest to this.


Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Isn't this what life's all about? Kids and how they totally fill and enrich our boring, mundane lives. And, I never thought you cackled!?!

Jennifer Boston Mendenhall said...

My sisters and I used to make fun of my mom and aunts. We thought they sounded like they were laying eggs or something when they laughed. Now we sound the same way!!! And my girls make fun of us.