Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wondering Wednesday...

If, by having a 2 inch by two inch tattoo, you could save five lives and prevent a terrorist attack, would you do so? If you were allowed to select the location and design, where would you have it and what would the design be?

Okay, I would say yes...I would have the tattoo, only for that reason. I would choose a location that is not "sagging" already or "heading south" very soon. I don't think a tattoo on a big saggy butt cheek would be very flattering. Not to mention what a women looks like up top after having kids. I call it "socks with cantaloupes in them". Not a pretty picture. I would choose to have the tattoo on my ankle. Maybe something like a heart or something equally tacky.

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Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

I don't know. I hate needles, but of course, you'd sacrifice for 5 people and a terrorist attack. Beauty is pain right? I'd probably get a butterfly or some random object that I'd hate down the road. I think I'd get it on my back where the dimples used to be before I had kids. As a side note, if brad had a say in it, he'd tatoo some cheesy thing like "Brad's property" or "Brad's eyes only" on my big ole booty. Fun thing to think about A?