Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my little Hoosier baby

I love how she looks like she is giving the doll CPR.
Haley turned 4 years old today. It is hard to believe that my little baby is 4! We call her our little "Hoosier Baby" because she was born in Indiana. She was born just before John graduated. (She didn't even live there as long as our other kids.) When I was just about due with Haley the doctor said that he would induce me. I wanted to have her during John's spring break and the doctor was willing to help us out, so he agreed to start me. We didn't have family living near by and did not want to inconvenience anyone. I had to be to the hospital at 6:00 a.m., so we decided to drive separate cars to the hospital. (We only had one car, so we borrowed the Cherrington's car.) John's job was to get the kids dressed and take them to a friends house. It was such a crazy feeling driving myself to the hospital to have a baby. Talk about nervous!! When I got there they got the ball rolling rather quickly. They asked me if I was there by myself. (I'm sure that I looked like a pathetic girl.) I was happy to report that my husband was taking care of our other children and would soon be arriving. John didn't get there too quickly. I was starting to get a little nervous that I would in fact being going through the delivery on my own. Sure glad that I didn't have to!

I took Haley to Toys R Us today to let her pick out a few things for her birthday. She was like a pinball machine bouncing from one shelf to the next. She would pick something up and tell me how much she loved it. I would say, "maybe we should look around some more". She would then decide that she didn't want it anymore and run to the next shelf. She was so cute to watch! In her mind, it was like she could pick anything she wanted no matter the cost.

These days Haley is into...
Makeup---Lipstick, Lipstick, and more lipstick
Money (she likes carrying coins around)
Barbies, Bratz, polly dolls

She likes to...
Watch Tom and Jerry (and other shows as long as they are not "baby shows".
Have her nails painted
Take pictures with my cell phone (She takes the most random pictures of toys, etc)
Play with her cousins
Play with pretend food, and have "tea parties" with REAL water.
Carry a purse with coins, lipstick, and keys. She is such a girly girl.

Haley is my little side kick while the kids are at school all day. I'm lucky I get to hang out with her all day. She is just a great kid!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather Davies said...

Haley looks like such a little chunk in here baby pictures! They're so adorable! You'll have to tell her the Davies' fam wishes her a happy late birthday!

Tai said...

Happy birthday to Haley!! Your Cali trip looks like a lot of fun. You can stop by anytime, we are always up sor "stinky" visitors!!

NatureGirl said...

Happy birthday Miss Haley. I love living next to you, and watching you grow!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Doesn't time fly? What cute pictures Heidi. Glad the birthday and vacation was fun!