Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Say Cheese Please!

I took Haley to the river near our house today. We went to go take some pictures. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing (of course). I opted to still take pictures anyway (despite the wind, it was still warm). Haley was a good sport and let me take LOTS of pictures of her. When I start taking pictures, I do tend to get a little out of control. Sometimes it drives my kids crazy.
I could just eat her up!

Haley insisted that I snap one of the duck.

The water tower in town. We used to call it the kissing tower when I was growing up. We thought that on the top it looked like there were two people up there kissing. What in the random?
Stinkin' wind! Still cute though.
While we were crossing the bridge Haley grabbed my hand and told me that I was her best friend. Oh, melt my heart!!
Saw lots of spider webs along the way.

Little Miss.

Until next time....

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Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

these are some seriously cute pictures heidi! She really is a compete doll!