Monday, May 4, 2009

Milk, milk, and more milk

Okay to say that we go through a lot of milk in my home, is a COMPLETE understatement. My two youngest drink milk like cows are soon becoming extinct, and it will no longer be available. They savor ever last drop. They could go several days without food, but if they didn't have their sweet savory milk, I think they would DIE! I always laugh and say that if Jace fell out of a 5 story building, he would definitely NOT break any bones. When we buy milk at the store, we always buy 6 gallons at a time (and it's gone in no time). People look at me like I must have 20 kids.

It is a complete catastrophe when we run out of the blessed, white, liquid from heaven. There are times when I am out running errands and my phone will ring. It is Jace, calling to tell me that we are almost out of our last gallon of milk. It is hilarious how he keeps me posted on the "milk situation".

Late Saturday night, I looked in the fridge and noticed that we were on our last gallon of milk. It was late, and I just didn't have it in me to run to the store. Since we don't shop at the store on Sunday, I knew that we might be in a bit of a pickle. Sunday afternoon, I had to call my mom to see if she had an extra gallon that I could borrow. Luuuuucckily, she had one that we could have. John came home from one of his Sunday meetings carrying a gallon of milk (from my mom). My kids were shocked to see him carrying in a gallon of milk. They said things like, "Where did you get that?" "Hey, you're not supposed to go to the store on Sunday!" John's reply was, "I stole it!" He just left it at that.

Last night (during the night), Haley woke me up for some assistance in the rest room. (Probably due to one of the several glasses of milk she had before bed.) She said, "Mom, did you know that when the sun was up, Dad went to the store and stole some milk!" I just had to laugh and tell her that he was just kidding. She smiled and looked a little relieved.

I guess I just need to learn to GO TO THE STORE ON SATURDAY, or maybe I should just buy a cow.


NatureGirl said...

I say buy the cow...

Erin said...

That is funny! I only buy 3 at a time, if I buy 4 I end up dumping some down the drain. I have to make my kids drink a glass at dinner every night or let them put chocolate in it or they would never drink it.

Tai said...

That is so funny/ Whenever I tell Mike to buy four gallons of milk he looks at me like what the crap??? We got through it pretty fast, but I must say, not that fast!! It may ween them of it a little if you bought the cow and they had to milk it!! YUM!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Glad I"m not the only freak show at the store! I love when kids take things so literal. Good job on keeping up with these great posts!

Curtis & Nichole said...

We go through SO much milk too (even baby douglas:) )....maybe it's just an inherited "Andrus" thing and all should have their own milky cow!
Love ya,
Curt & Coley