Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Winding down

Why does it seem like, as the school year comes to a close, they try to cram every last thing in...right at the end!? Field trips, music programs, etc. At times it can just be a little down right crazy. Oh well, it's all good right?

Yesterday I went to the school two different times to listen to Riley and Brynn's music programs. First, I went to Riley's class and listened to them. They had learned several songs with the recorder. Riley was mortified when she saw that I was carting along the camera AND the camcorder. Luckily (for her sake) she had her back to me, or I would have snapped a few shots while she was playing. She, being the cool 6th grader, thought that the recorders were completely stupid. In her defence, it isn't the most beautiful sound in the world. AND...thanks to the district, this recorder is a gift to the student. It will now bless our home with many hours of screeching and squeals. Nothing can get under a mom's skin more than some annoying sound played over, and over, and over.
A picture against Riley's wishes.

Brynn's program was in the afternoon. Their class sang several different songs. Brynn must be getting too old for the music programs. She could hardly contain herself from laughing. She had the most red face and laughed through probably 40% of every song. I think that having another 4th grade class listening to them, only compounded the problem.
Capturing Brynn's embarrassment.

If nothing else I can use my pictures and recordings as black mail right?

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