Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6th Grade Graduation / Last Day of School

Today I went to Riley's 6th grade graduation. She received 4 awards at the ceremony.
Riley's first award was for Academic Excellence. Riley seems to breeze through school always getting good grades. I certainly hope that trend continues. I think that things just come naturally for her. Lucky girl.
Her second award was called the "Hero" award. It was given to one boy and one girl in each class. The kids and teachers picked the most kind boy and girl in their class. I'm so glad that Riley is kind to the kids at school. When kids get older, they aren't always nice to everyone. Sometimes when kids get older, they aren't as kind and accepting of others.
The third award was for Physical Fitness and the final award was her Diploma. We are proud of Riley and her hard work this year. She's a great girl!

Riley and her teacher--Mrs. Caldwell.

Riley's other teacher--Mrs. Teske.

Riley and her good friend Heidi.

Brynn and friends.

Brynn and her teacher--Mrs. Johnson.

Jace and his teacher--Mrs. Nukaya.


Tai said...

Way to go Riley!! I can't believe she is going to be in seventh grade!! Your kids are too cute!! BTW I totally remember Jace's rock eating days in Indiana. He was such a cute little guy. I still love the picture we have of him sitting in the rain gutter thing pretending it was a slide.. WHEE!!

NatureGirl said...

Yeah Riley! You are an amazing girl. Way to go. All of you O kids are grrrreAT!