Monday, June 1, 2009

6th Grade Track Meet

Riley just had her end-of-the-year 6th grade track meet. The track meet is for all the 6th grade classes in the district. She ran the 75, 100, and relay races. The first race she ran was the 75. It was a qualifying race for the finals. She shot down the track and took first! I think I was more nervous then she was. She also qualified in the 100. (I think she took 2nd). She ended up taking home two 3rd place ribbons for the finals (which is great for how many kids are there). She did a great job!

One of Riley's cousins (Stockton) was also at the track meet running for a different school. So, I was lucky to hang out with my sister and her husband. We were lucky to have LOTS of sun for the event. It was a fun day!!

Riley's cousin Stockton during the 800. He is the one in the navy blue. GO Stockton!!!

Preparing for the relay race. Practicing the hand off.

Riley heading to her spot for the relay.

Riley and some of her friends.

Haley came with me to the track meet. She was just great there. Riley and Haley.

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Rebecca Talley said...

I'm always way more nervous than my kids when they're performing onstage or playing sports. Looks like you had fun!