Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A walk down memory lane

Recently, I found out that the house I grew up in is for sale. When I say that it is the house I grew up in, I mean I lived there from a new born baby to 20 years old, when I got married. I consider myself lucky to have lived in the same house all those years. Some kids are moved from place to place. I just think that would be so hard.

The realtor for the house is a friend of the family and offered to let us take a look inside. My parents sold the house shortly after I got married, so we were excited to have the chance to walk though it.

The house is only around 2700 square feet and my parents had 13 children. I think I would go completely nuts!!! My mother is a saint! They bought the house for around $26,000.

I called my siblings that live here in town, my parents, and our dear friend Fran (she lived next door to us all those years). We all met out at the house to walk through it together. It was a total RIOT! There are definitely things that have changed, but some things were still exactly the same. The old key holder in the coat closet was still there. The "blue room" carpet was STILL there...oh my! (That carpet was ugly back then.) My mom had written some information in the breaker box, and it was still there. It was just fun to see some of the old light fixtures, outlets, etc.
Gorgeous old blue carpet.

Thermostat...just the way I remember it.

The thing that shocked me the most, is how small the house and yard actually are. That yard used to seem like it went on for miles. I think that your perspective changes on things like that when you get older.

We laughed about all the things we remember doing there. One of the things that we liked to do was play "train". Here is my lengthy explanation of this crazy, dangerous "game". If you went down the hall, cut through my parents bedroom, then through the master bath, you could go through the laundry room, into the kitchen, and back to the hall. It just made a huge square. Well one person was delegated to hold a broom and find a good place to hide. All the kids would run "the square". The person with the broom would hide behind a wall or in a bedroom, and randomly lower the broom right in front of the kids (remember that they are running full speed). That meant that a train was coming (like the long poles that come down to stop cars when a train is approaching) and the kids had to stop. The person holding the broom was constantly switching spots, so you never knew where they would be. I think about that game and how dangerous it was...I laugh, but I would never let my kids do it.

When we were young, we would climb the walls with our hands and feet (in the hall) and bump our heads on the ceiling.
The downstairs fireplace was where we would put on pageants. It also cut a few heads open.
Group picture at the house.

The backyard.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

This week was stake girls camp. We had a lot of girls (from our ward) that were able to go to girls camp this year. I was only able to go to camp for 1 day. I got there early in the morning (just in time to go on the hike), and stayed until it got dark. The hike was 6 miles, and a lot of fun. It was fun being outdoors, visiting with other leaders, and hanging out with all the fun girls. It was also craft day. The girls spent time making bracelets, painting their nails, making cute photo books, etc.

Later that night they had skit night. Our girls did a cute skit and then sang a song that we all wrote together. The did such a great job. We have such a great group of girls. I have such a fun calling.

The awesome Young Women in the ward.
Riley riding the rope swing into the pond.
Skit night.

Singing the song we wrote.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chukars Game

Last night for Family Home Evening we went to a Chukars baseball game. Our great friends, the Wildings, have season tickets and were going to be gone---so they gave them to us. (Thanks guys! They were great seats!) We had so much fun. It was great to get out of the house and enjoy the baseball action.

Haley could hardly wait for the taste of the sweet sugary cotton-candy.

Brynn and Jace with Charlie the mascot. Haley was not in the mood to get in the picture. I think she was a little nervous and a lot tired.
Haley's baseball mit hat.

They had Charlie sign their hands.

Showing off the autographs.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grand Teton

Friday and Saturday John and his friend Layne hiked the Grand Teton. I was a little nervous for him to go because it is such a huge mountain. All day Saturday, Jace kept saying to me, "Mom, dad could die you know?" In my mind I was thinking, "Would you please STOP saying that." Thankfully they both did the hike without any injuries or problems. We are glad to have him back home in one piece!

Here is a picture of where they camped.

John and his friend Layne.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My little buddy

Tonight I took Jace to my parents house to take pictures of him. They have a great yard for taking pictures. Jace was a good sport and let me take LOTS of pictures of him. (He was having a hard time holding still. I think that is a boy thing). He is such a good kid and so much fun to have around.