Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Festivities

This 4th of July was fun, but definitely different. John's Grandma passed away and he was in Arizona for the funeral. So we were not with him for the 4th, which was a big bummer. I was, however, not alone for the festivities. I spent the day with 6 sisters, their spouses, and children, and my parents.

The 3rd of July we watched people light fireworks in the cul-de-sac right by our house. There were a lot of people there from my ward.

Karaoke at the neighborhood party. Riley with some of her friends.

Jace--striking a pose with his sparkler.

Brynn was lighting most of the fireworks. John usually does that, but since he was gone, Brynn took over. I was trying to keep Haley happy. She was not enjoying all the noise.
The kids were lighting fireworks and then dancing around them.

Haley did NOT appreciate all the noise. She didn't last too long out there. She wanted her daddy.

Next on the 4th...BUSY DAY...

Hanging out...waiting for the parade to start.
Always see several of these nice trucks in the parade.

Airplanes flying over the parade.

Sweet little Hay-hay.

Riley walked in the parade with the "Dare" kids. She was torn between walking the parade and watching the parade. She ended up walking part of it. When she saw us, she came and sat down with us. I guess you can have your cake AND eat it too.
Riley wrote on Jace's face, "I want Candy". He stood out on the road, and yes, they did throw candy to him.
After the parade we went to Monica's house for a BBQ. We spent the afternoon eating, and watching the kids play. The kids decided to put on their own parade. There were cheerleaders, princesses, and kids throwing candy...the WORKS! It was pretty cute watching them. They acted like they were in the real parade.

We had a great day and I was grateful to spend it with my kids and my family.

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Tai said...

Sorry to hear about Johns Grandma! That stinks that he wasn't able to be with you over the 4th too. Holidays are for families and that is so hard when part of you is missing. Looks like you had fun without him though. That is cute that the kids and cousins did a parade! You have such a cute family!