Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

This week was stake girls camp. We had a lot of girls (from our ward) that were able to go to girls camp this year. I was only able to go to camp for 1 day. I got there early in the morning (just in time to go on the hike), and stayed until it got dark. The hike was 6 miles, and a lot of fun. It was fun being outdoors, visiting with other leaders, and hanging out with all the fun girls. It was also craft day. The girls spent time making bracelets, painting their nails, making cute photo books, etc.

Later that night they had skit night. Our girls did a cute skit and then sang a song that we all wrote together. The did such a great job. We have such a great group of girls. I have such a fun calling.

The awesome Young Women in the ward.
Riley riding the rope swing into the pond.
Skit night.

Singing the song we wrote.


Tai said...

I love girls camp! What a fun day for you to make it up there...NOT!!! I love hiking but six miles is loonnnggg! We love making burritos for our friends ANYTIME hint hint nudge nudge!! We would love to have you down anytime!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

YW is so much fun. I'll bet you are a lot of the girls' favorite leader. Looks like Riley had a good time too! You're such a great mom Heidi!