Monday, July 20, 2009

Grand Teton

Friday and Saturday John and his friend Layne hiked the Grand Teton. I was a little nervous for him to go because it is such a huge mountain. All day Saturday, Jace kept saying to me, "Mom, dad could die you know?" In my mind I was thinking, "Would you please STOP saying that." Thankfully they both did the hike without any injuries or problems. We are glad to have him back home in one piece!

Here is a picture of where they camped.

John and his friend Layne.


lindygirl said...

Wow!!! I think I prefer my bed to a rocky ledge! That is a great accomplisment. I am glad he didn't die. =)

Tai said...

Wow!! Wow to you for letting him go (hehehe!!) and wow to John for doing such a hard hike! I am impressed! I can't imaging sleeping like that!

Erin said...

Vaughn and his brothers did that hike a few years ago. I couldn't think about what they were doing the whole time they were gone! They had a great time. It looks like John had fun!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

I love that Jace likes to remind you of the life you would have without your true loves kiss (so Ayva likes to say.) Looks like he had a great time. Good job John and nice Faith Heidi!