Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big Girl

Last week Riley, Haley, and I were shopping at the mall. Haley has wanted to get her ears pierced for a little while. (She has a few cousins her age that have earrings). So, while we were out there...we got the job done. She was a big girl. She climbed up in the chair and was READY. I told her that it would probably hurt. She was okay with that. She was such a brave little girl. She didn't cry at all. Instead she just gave a little jerk and said "ow"! The funny thing is, Riley and Brynn don't have their ears pierced. Right now, they are just not interested.


Emily said...

What a cute little girly girl! That's funny that she was the first one. She looks great with the new studs!

NatureGirl said...

Ahhh, I didn't notice she did that!

Jill and Jer Sorhus said...

What a cutie! So grown up! I still remember my Grandpa snuck and took me to get my ears pierce when I was six. I was supposed to be 12.