Monday, August 10, 2009

Thirteen........yes ThirTEEN!

I am a little slow in posting....

Last week was Riley's 13th birthday. It's official folks, we have a teenager in the house. This is all new to me. I'm not sure how to deal with teenager "issues". Thank goodness I have sisters and friends that have already gone through it, or are currently in the thick of it.

Riley is a good girl and we are thankful to have her! I'm sure that it is not easy being the oldest. We expect more out of her and she is the chief babysitter.

Riley will be starting 7th grade in just a couple of weeks. I am nervous and excited for her. Riley is just such a likeable person. I'm sure that she will have lots of friends. We love you Riley and are glad that you are a part of our family!

I love this picture. This is a picture of Riley lovin on her cousin Stockton. Riley and Stockton will be going to the same Jr. High and they have 3 classes together. Thank goodness for family.

Riley taking a bath in the sink.

Riley with some of her cousins, sporting lovely wigs. Madi, Riley, Reagan, McKelle, Stockton.


John said...
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John said...

Riley is just a wonderful person! I must be mentally or socially challenged as a parent as it seems God was inclined to send me such an easy child to raise. She's been nothing but heart-tug from the get-go. I love her sense of humor, her smarts, her gentle and kind manner, and everything else about her. I especially love how easy it is to be around her.

Thanks and love ya lots Rye! I hope you had a happy birthday. I'll miss my 1-12 yr old but look forward to spending time with my 13 yr old. Have a great year.

- Dad

Heather Davies said...

It's strange to see how much all those kids have changed! WoW, Riley is getting old. :)

Tai said...

Riley is so beautiful!! Happy late birthday. Good luck with the whole teenager thing. Hopefully you will have lots of advice for me in a few years when I get there!!

Jennifer Nielson said...

I'm scared to say this out loud, but I LOVE having teen kids! Yes, we deal with the regular mouthiness, know-it-all attitude, etc. that comes with teenagers...but then, they are sooo fun too! In fact, I think they are much more pleasant than difficult. They can be great helpers, and it is fun to watch them having fun activities with friends and family. I am really enjoying this stage of life! I can tell you have good kids...enjoy and HAVE FUN!

Jill and Jer Sorhus said...

Such a beautiful girl! Love the sweet pictures!