Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Happenings

There have been several different things that I have wanted to post about lately. This post is just a couple of random things that have happened that I don't want to forget.

Riley is going to a Junior High with 3 of her cousins, one of which she sees regularly. In fact, she has 3 classes with Stockton. A couple of weeks ago they were in Math class together. The teacher asked a question and everyone just kind of sat there. Riley said that no one was giving an answer, so she finally raised her hand and answered it. Apparently, the teacher made a comment about how Riley was a math wizard or genius...something to that effect. At that moment, Stockton started clapping. Pretty soon, the entire class was clapping for Riley. I asked her what her teacher did when the clapping broke out. She said she was too embarrassed to look at him, she was just smiling at Stockton. I think that is just so hilarious!! Junior High is a hard time. I'm glad that Riley has some great cousins to help her through it.

Here is a picture of the two of them when they were much younger.

Haley is loving preschool SO much. She comes home and tells me that she wants to be a teacher when she gets big. Today in preschool they were learning about Dental Health. A subject that we are all very familiar with around here. Haley was too cute when I went to pick her up. I just had to come home and take a picture of her.

Sunday, the Primary Presidency gave pictures to all the kids. The pictures were of Jesus and President Monson. I was passing by the fridge and noticed this...

Then Haley said pointing, "Did you see Johnson?" I looked over, wondering what she was talking about. (She was referring to President Monson, as Johnson.) At first I didn't know what she was talking about. She said it again, "Did you see Johnson?" I finally realized what she was talking about. I had to hold back my laugh and tell her how to say his last name. She is still working on it. She was so proud of her picture frame for President Monson.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey Mom...

The following is a conversation I had with Haley in the car.

A guy pulled up next to us and he was sporting a big bushy beard. Yes, he was a little creepy looking.

Haley: "Hey mom, do you think that guy with a beard drinks beard (beer)?"

Me: (Trying to keep from laughing) "I'm not sure."

I like that she doesn't even know how to say it. I'm a little sad that she is now talking more and more like a big girl.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Life

This is a poem inspired by my life...and it goes...

Piano books strewn all about,
Want to pull my last hair out.

Toothpaste globs lined in the sink,
Makes me want to have a drink.

Skiddies in kids underware,
Oh my gosh, I'm going to swear!

Floors covered were er you roam,
Can this really be my home?

It seems my work is never done,
And it's NOT always much fun.

Sometimes I'd just like to quit,
And I really throw a fit!

Even still I'd never trade,
And I know the days WILL fade.

Some days I'm feeling very stressed,
But I know that I'm so blessed.

Having gotten that off my chest,
It's my FAMILY that I love best!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flag Football

Jace is playing football for the first time this year. Luckily for my sake it is just flag football. I think that it is a good place for him to start. He definitely has the he just needs the focus. He hasn't learned yet how to channel all of that energy. I wish that I could have half the energy that he does! That kid never stops!

He has the ball.....

Go Jace GO!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This morning Jace was in the bathroom with John. They were getting ready to go to Jace's flag football game. They were talking, and their conversation went something like this......

Jace: "Dad, I know how to get a girl to kiss you."

John: "Oh really. How?"

Jace: "Be really nice to her. Let her cut in line. Sometimes look sad."

I was just sitting there laughing. Should I be scared? After all, he is only 8! Guess I better reign him in a bit.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm gonna soak up the FUN...

On Saturday, my brother in law gave us his suite/tickets to the baseball game because we wasn't going to use them. We went to the game with my sister Monica, and her husband and kids. There was a BYU football game going at the same time. We watched the rest of the BYU game in the suite and kept an eye on the baseball game until the football game was over.

Going to find Charlie the mascot for his autograph.
Haley and Kenadee were so proud of their signatures from Charlie the mascot.

John, Dave, Parker, Tanner
When the little kids got bored outside watching the game, they would come in the suite and watch cartoons on T.V. (Haley has a huge piece of ice in her cheek.)
John and Dave getting a little too cozy. Haa haaa!

Enjoying a little baseball action.

I took this picture from inside the suite. All the older kids and guys sat outside and watched.
At the end of the game, they let all the kids come down and run the bases. It was funny to watch them all go around, and around, and around.
After the kids ran the bases, they had a fireworks show.

On Labor Day we had a picnic at the church. We ate and the kids played baseball and rode the go-cart. It was fun watching them race around with big smiles on their faces. The entire day felt like the weekend. It's always such a rude awakening the next morning when you are thrown back into the week.

Chasing after the go-cart.
Getting it started.

Mom and Dad have had that go-cart since I was a little girl. So, what I am trying to say is that the go-cart is OLD. It was having a hart time running. Grandpa is trying to get it going with all the kids waiting near by.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Holy Moley Part II

A few weeks ago I posted on how I was going to have some moles removed. I went to the dermatologist and had 5 moles removed, two of them came back abnormal. So I went in to have the two abnormal ones completely cut out. While I was there, Dr M (my brother-in-law) said that there were two on my stomach that looked like they needed to be cut out as well. He re-checked my arms, legs, feet, back, and crap.....I had to show him one on my....okay, I'll just say it...boob. Peek-a-boobie! Lucky me!! John says, "Luuuuucky him".

So, after MANY shots they were ready for the slicing. The assistant for Dr. M was a guy that dated my little sister. So, the room consisted of me, my mom, Dr. M, his assistant, and two nurses. I felt like "side-show Bob". They all got to see my beautiful back and gorgeous stomach, in all their glory. But, after you have had's like whatever right? The surgery took about 2 1/2 hours. I walked out of there with fifty stitches underneath and 20-ish on top. Dr. M was very careful and very good. The next day I was very sore and could not stand up straight. It felt like the stitches were going to rip...So, I just stayed in bed all day. It sounds like fun to stay in bed all day, but it is actually painful. Painful in the fact that the kids keep moving full steam ahead with their messes, and painful physically. The stitches were on front and back, so I could only sleep on my side. Love those bed sores. John was good to keep me fed and do dishes. What a nice guy. It's hard when mom is "broke".

Jace kept coming in the room with a sad look asking me if I was going to die. What a sweet little boy to be so concerned.

Dr. M called me a couple of days ago with the results of the 4 moles that we cut out. He said that it was good that he cut the ones out of my stomach because they also came back abnormal.

The good news is...all the margins looked good on the 4 moles and he doesn't have to go back and cut more.

The bad news is...he will need to keep an eye on all the hundreds of other moles on my body...yes even the one on the boobie. Sheesh! John jokes that he will be taking me aside at all the family get togethers for a quick check. Haa haa John, you are too funny.

Glad to have that all done! I am feeling back to normal now. The stitches underneath take about a year to dissolve and the others about 2 months. But, I can now bend and twist my torso. It's all good!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Haley had her first day of preschool today. She has the most wonderful preschool teacher, Mrs. Anderson. Riley and Jace also had Mrs. Anderson as their preschool teacher. Brynn was the only one that didn't have her (only because we lived in Indiana at the time).

Haley had the hardest time choosing her backpack. She just couldn't decide! We lined up five different backpacks, and she paced back and forth looking at them. It was just so darn cute.

I could seriously eat this girl up! She is my little shadow and I love it.

Haley was so loving every activity at preschool today. Today was for parents and students. I had so much fun watching her during all the activities. I know that she will love it so much!!

Fishing during class.

5 little monkeys...SNAP!