Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just need to vent.....

Several years ago, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He got so sick awhile back that he and my mom were released from their mission. When they left the mission, he went to have 2 stem cell transplants done. The transplants were the only thing for him to do to "buy him some time". Dad has been going through chemo therapy for YEARS. He is such a strong person. He goes and gets his chemo, and then heads out to work in the yard (or something else equally difficult). You would never know that he is sick. He doesn't complain about not feeling well, and he just doesn't skip a beat.

Just recently he went to see his doctor. Unfortunately his levels are starting to creep back up again. The doctor told him that he should start taking a new, different kind of medicine. The medicine is $9000 per bottle. Yes, you read that right $9000 for 120 pills. That is $75 PER PILL!! 3 pills a day = 40 days of medicine. We are talking BIG bucks!! If someone cannot afford the pills, they can get them for FREE!! Yes, FREE!! Fortunately AND unfortunately my dad does not fall into that category. Sheesh! It is like he is paying for all those people that are not paying for their own! Why can't someone get medicine that will help them without practically giving their first born child?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Half Asleep

This morning, Jace came into the kitchen carrying his school clothes. The only thing he was wearing was under ware. He opened one eye and said to me, "The only thing I have on is my panties." (Around here we call Haley's under ware panties.) So I said, "PANTIES! Boys don't wear panties, they wear underwear!" Jace replied (and this makes me laugh)... "Well I'm the sheriff of this town, and I wear boxers." I love that kid!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sacrament Meeting Giggles

I always have things in my church bag-of-tricks to keep my kids quiet during Sacrament Meeting. I just never realized that what I had in there would make ME laugh uncontrollably. Yesterday during Sacrament Meeting I pulled out something that I thought would entertain Haley and keep her quiet. It is a learning/educational book. There are lots of questions with pictures and then you slide the page over to find the answer. Anyway...I was flipping though it and came to this question...(Read the one at the top.) I showed the question to Riley, and we both LOST it.

Brynn leaned over and said, "EVERYTHING". Too funny! It is hard to laugh hysterically and still keep quiet.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Majorly Freaked Out

On Conference Sunday, between sessions, Riley and Brynn made some kind of Haunted House in their bathroom. I'm not sure what they were even doing in there. I was upstairs and heard banging on the bath room door and screaming. The next thing I knew, Haley was running up the stairs screaming. I picked her up and held her for probably a good 10 minutes. Her whole body was shaking. I was ready to do some serious butt-kicking. (I guess I am a little protective of my sweet little 4 year old.) Maybe they just used the whole, "Haunted House trick" to scare the crap out of their little sister. They say that they did not mean to scare her that bad.

That night, during the middle of the night,(you know that great time when you are sound asleep) Haley woke me up and told me she was scared. Gosh, I can't imagine why?! That same routine took place every night for the next 8 days. Every night she would tell us that she was too scared to sleep in her room, and during the night would join us in our bed. We have a king size bed, so you wouldn't think that it is so bad. Unfortunately, Haley chooses to sleep right, right, right up against ME. Feel the love. It makes it rather hard to turn I don't. Last night for some strange reason, she did not join us. I think that she was just overly tired from all the other crazy nights.

Gone are the days of peaceful sleep (at least for now). This picture makes me laugh. Haley thinks that she is still drinking out of a cup. Too cute.
Haley has now become my shadow around the house. She gets nervous when I leave the room and takes off after me. It is especially bad if I go downstairs or upstairs without her. PANIC BUTTON.

Today we had to run some errands. I ran upstairs to grab something I forgot. Haley took off after me. She happened to have a tamborine in her hand. When she ran, it made a huge racket that made her run faster, which made the tamborine louder, which made her run get the picture.

I guess that someday Riley and Brynn will receive payback when their kids do the exact same thing. When they call me to tell me about it, I will just have to smile.