Friday, February 26, 2010

Week of torture, starring ME

*Sigh*, What a week I've had. It will go down in my book, ranking up there, with some agonizing weeks of old. It would give child birth a run for it's money. Not to mention, mastitis, shingles, and broken bones. What alarming, ghastly, horrific, can-of-worms, situation was I in, you ask? I pinched a blasted nerve in my shoulder/upper arm. Sometime Saturday night while I was sweetly slumbering in a comatose state, I woke up with a lightning pain in my arm. I rolled over thinking, "Holy crap, that hurt!" The next morning my arm was a little sore, but I thought nothing of it as I got ready, and went to church. As the day wore on, my arm hurt worse and worse.

Monday morning I was in a lot of pain and concluded that I had popped something out and needed to go and get adjusted. Oh, and did I mention that it is my right arm? The arm that puts on my make-up. The arm that does my hair. The arm that wipes my my counter. So, I went to my cousin who is a Naturopath. He proceeded to adjust, pop, twist, get the picture. The funny thing about getting adjusted...I just laugh the entire time. It is kind of a love/hate thing. When I say laugh, I mean like hit-your-funny-bone kinda laugh.

Later that afternoon, I was still feeling like a "pile-o-dookey" and called my cousin's office again. They told me to come back. So, I went back for round two, WWF smack down.

Tuesday morning, woke up sore and felt like crap. My back was sore from sleeping in the same position all night. My arm was completely incapacitated. I was able to move my hand, but the minute I would move my arm, pains would shoot down from my shoulder and around my elbow. Many tears were shed this day. I tried to get in to see several different doctors and could not get an appointment. I would have gone to an emergency care facility, but I was limited on time due to my dad speaking at a BYU-I Devotional. I ended up making a doctor appointment for the next day. So, off to Rexburg I went to eat lunch with the President of BYU-I, his wife, and several family members. (I will blog about this later). After the Devotional, I went over to Dan and Pauline's house. Dan is my brother-in-law, and a Dermatologist. He gave me four shots in the arm to just try and numb/ease the pain. The shots were a temporary fix to a bigger problem. I went home sad, hurting, and frustrated. Another night of @#$%.

Wednesday was the day to go see my Doc. I couldn't even update the dang form they needed me to fill out at the office. Holy Frustration Batman! When the blessed doc came in and checked me out, he decided that a steroid shot would be in order. He said, "The shot hurts and burns a lot, so we only do this when we know people need it", to which I replied, "Bring it!" Later that day....Could it be that the pain was lessening?

Thursday/Friday--The dark clouds are parting. I am starting to feel pain-free. My arm is VERY stiff and sore due to the lack of use, and probably will be for a little while longer. I am still unable to show full range of motion, but am working on it. The dull ache is gone and the shooting pains are gone. I asked John if it would be inappropriate to go to my Doc, wrap my arms around him, give him a big kiss right on the mouth, then reach around and grab him on the bum. What do you think? Too much?

Monday, February 22, 2010

A little bit of heaven on earth

I had a neat experience a couple of days ago. I want to write about it for journal purposes.

Friday afternoon, February 19, 2010, was my dad's first time to work in the temple as a sealer. My awesome brother-in-law Clay, made a plan for all of my siblings that live in town (and their spouses and one nephew), to go and be his first group. My parents were not aware that we were all coming to the temple that day. My Dad was choked up to see us all, and so was my mom. There were 13 of us in the room, including my parents. (Dad, Mom, Clay, Lori, Cole, Kory, Lynette, John, Heidi, Dan, Pauline, Chris, Charise). I have one sister (Monica) that lives in town that was not able to make it, because she just had a baby a couple of weeks ago. She is still in recovery mode. Her husband Dave was out of town and was not able to make it either.

It was neat to see the looks on my parents faces through out the session. I can only imagine what it would be like as a parent to sit with a large majority of my children and spouses in the temple. It was almost like they were realizing all of their hard work raising kids was paying off.

I hope that my dad's health will allow him to be around to marry & seal several of my nieces and nephews as they get old enough.

I can't wait to go and do it again.

Friday, February 12, 2010

One in a Ba-Zillion

Can I just take a moment and brag about my great dad? He just got called, by President Monson, to be a temple sealer. I just think that is the perfect job for him!

My dad was also asked to speak at an upcoming BYU-I Devotional. Which, by the way, they don't just ask any Joe-Shmoe off the street to do. He will be speaking February 23rd.

I am proud of my dad...can you tell?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mama said there'll be days like this....

Here is a little picture of me with my children. wink, wink.

(In a valley girl tone)...Oh my gosh, yesterday was just like totally crazy. Do you ever have those days? It seemed like we hit the ground running! The alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. John and Riley went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with the youth in the ward. (Side note---the youth will be going to do this once a month for the year. I'm excited about that.) When the alarm went off I had a harrrrrrd time getting back to sleep. John reset the alarm for me and turned off the fan (fog horn prevention machine). We sleep with the fan going in the room so it will curtail that beautiful snoring sound coming out of my wonderful husbands, trap...kisser...mouth. (Love ya hon) Only problem with turning the fan off...the alarm is still turned WAY up to he heard over the fan. Needless to say, when that alarm went off I LITERALLY hit the ground running. Nothing like a little adrenaline to get the morning going.

Got the kids off to school and started my normal morning routine. The phone rang and it was my friend reminding me of Pack Meeting tonight. I was like, "Tonight? I have that on my calendar for tomorrow." I was reminded that I needed to bring a cake and that they were going to be doing scout uniform inspections. Um, okay not really up to snuff there. After we hung up, I put a cake in the oven and went and got ready for the busy day ahead. When I took the cake out to cool it just kind of crumbled apart in several places. WHAT THE HECK? I greased the flippen pan! Why are you doing this to me, stupid cake? So, me with my OCD, decided to make another cake. Next cake in the oven...check. Cake out and off to the scout office to get a needed badge. Stopped off at John's office, thought it would be brief, ended up going to lunch. (Not complaining about that) Then straight to "The happiest place on earth", WalMart, so I could get icing and few other necessities. Busted home in time to fling the groceries upstairs...back to the to the races. Went to the school picked up Jace...check. Next school, picked up Riley, Brynn...check. Drop off Brynn, Jace, Haley...take Riley to piano lessons...check. Dash home attempt to start sewing several badges on uniform, oh crap it's time to pick up Riley...check. Home just in time to take Brynn to basketball practice and Riley to the Junior High to watch a basketball game. Running out of time! By this time I was really under the gun and knew that I would not be able to accomplish all the remainder tasks and get to Pack Meeting prepared and on time. (Somewhere in the midst of all this crazy we managed to get homework done...go figure.)

I WANT MY MOMMY! WAAAA! You are right, I called my mommy. Superwoman to the rescue! That wonderful mom of mine offered to sew all the badges on. That gave me enough time to icing the cake and get to Pack Meeting slightly late, but there!

Am I glad that I am a mom? You bet. Am I glad that I get to stay home with my kids instead of working outside the home? You bet. Does it get a little stressful sometimes? You bet...Abso-freakin-lutely. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Our cake to take to Pack Meeting.