Friday, February 26, 2010

Week of torture, starring ME

*Sigh*, What a week I've had. It will go down in my book, ranking up there, with some agonizing weeks of old. It would give child birth a run for it's money. Not to mention, mastitis, shingles, and broken bones. What alarming, ghastly, horrific, can-of-worms, situation was I in, you ask? I pinched a blasted nerve in my shoulder/upper arm. Sometime Saturday night while I was sweetly slumbering in a comatose state, I woke up with a lightning pain in my arm. I rolled over thinking, "Holy crap, that hurt!" The next morning my arm was a little sore, but I thought nothing of it as I got ready, and went to church. As the day wore on, my arm hurt worse and worse.

Monday morning I was in a lot of pain and concluded that I had popped something out and needed to go and get adjusted. Oh, and did I mention that it is my right arm? The arm that puts on my make-up. The arm that does my hair. The arm that wipes my my counter. So, I went to my cousin who is a Naturopath. He proceeded to adjust, pop, twist, get the picture. The funny thing about getting adjusted...I just laugh the entire time. It is kind of a love/hate thing. When I say laugh, I mean like hit-your-funny-bone kinda laugh.

Later that afternoon, I was still feeling like a "pile-o-dookey" and called my cousin's office again. They told me to come back. So, I went back for round two, WWF smack down.

Tuesday morning, woke up sore and felt like crap. My back was sore from sleeping in the same position all night. My arm was completely incapacitated. I was able to move my hand, but the minute I would move my arm, pains would shoot down from my shoulder and around my elbow. Many tears were shed this day. I tried to get in to see several different doctors and could not get an appointment. I would have gone to an emergency care facility, but I was limited on time due to my dad speaking at a BYU-I Devotional. I ended up making a doctor appointment for the next day. So, off to Rexburg I went to eat lunch with the President of BYU-I, his wife, and several family members. (I will blog about this later). After the Devotional, I went over to Dan and Pauline's house. Dan is my brother-in-law, and a Dermatologist. He gave me four shots in the arm to just try and numb/ease the pain. The shots were a temporary fix to a bigger problem. I went home sad, hurting, and frustrated. Another night of @#$%.

Wednesday was the day to go see my Doc. I couldn't even update the dang form they needed me to fill out at the office. Holy Frustration Batman! When the blessed doc came in and checked me out, he decided that a steroid shot would be in order. He said, "The shot hurts and burns a lot, so we only do this when we know people need it", to which I replied, "Bring it!" Later that day....Could it be that the pain was lessening?

Thursday/Friday--The dark clouds are parting. I am starting to feel pain-free. My arm is VERY stiff and sore due to the lack of use, and probably will be for a little while longer. I am still unable to show full range of motion, but am working on it. The dull ache is gone and the shooting pains are gone. I asked John if it would be inappropriate to go to my Doc, wrap my arms around him, give him a big kiss right on the mouth, then reach around and grab him on the bum. What do you think? Too much?


Dr. John Owen said...

Maybe you should warm up on me.

NatureGirl said...

First of all...Yuck Dr. John...Heidi there has been more than one Doc that I have felt this for...we all know the feeling...oh, and the nurse who brings you the ice chips...luhUhve her too!

Heather Davies said...

Love it! I mean the John comment. I do not envy this whole situation. But, I'm glad that the dark clouds are parting *finally*!!! :)

Erin said...

I had my shoulder seize up on me last year. Hurt like CRAP! Not to mention that my shoulder was so tense that it was up to my chin. I looked like an idiot! I have to say that I felt the way you do about your doctor when the pain finally went away after a week of chiropractor visits! Good luck, hope you feel better.