Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, we did it! We finally bought a car. It is a used car that was being sold by a girl from the Health Center (John's office). We felt comfortable buying from her, as we felt like we could trust the history of the car. The car is a Nissan Altima and we think that it will be a good car for us.

Riley is singing with the choir at school. She just recently had her first concert. It was fun to go listen to them. Riley has several friends that sing in the choir with her. It is nice to see her trying different things at school and also fun to see her interacting with her friends. You can tell that she is well liked.

Anytime Haley is in the car, she wants us to stop at the "big cart, little cart store". This however is not really the name of the store. She calls it that because they have big shopping carts, and little shopping carts there. (It is a locally owned Hardware store, and the owners are in our ward). She loves to go there, get a small shopping cart and find some candy, toy, etc. to put in it. We frequent the store as often as possible.

Haley's outfit is a little random. She wears this dress as a dress up and thought it was great attire for the hardware store.

We went to there the other day and found that they are selling baby chicks. She was so excited to be there to see the little chicks.

Sunday is just a lazy day for us after we get home from church. We just spend the rest of the day relaxing. Jace and Haley broke out the foot massage after church yesterday. They think it is such a treat to use the foot massage.

While they were relaxing, Brynn made us all a pudding pie. I think it was her first time to make and pie crust and bake it. It was de-lish!

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Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

I love pudding pies too. The chicks at the store is too much! What fun that is to see!