Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congratulations Graduate!

Last night was Haley's graduation from preschool. They had the cutest program! It was so fun watching Haley. I could tell that she was so excited, and she had such a great big smile on her face. They sang...

1. Five Little Ducks
2. My Turtle has a Bubble
3. I Had a Little Turtle
4. Little Cabin in the Woods
5. Grandma's Glasses
6. Nobody likes Me
7. I'm a Little Piece of Tin
8. I'm bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee
9. Five Little Monkeys
10. Bingo
11. Pitter Patter
12. Peanut Butter Sandwich
13. If You're Happy and You Know It

I remember Riley and Jace singing some of the same songs when they went to Mrs. A for preschool. She's so great! (Brynn was the only one that didn't go to Mrs. A for preschool, because we were living in Indiana at the time.)

Haley is SO excited for Kindergarten and she is SO ready! This next school year, I will once again have 3 kids at the grade school.

One of Haley's best friends at school was Braxton. He is on the left in the green plaid. Such a little cutie! Sometimes on the field trips they would walk around holding hands. It just made me smile!

Ha ha! I love this!!!

Haley and Mrs. A.

Haley and Grandpa and Grandma A.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nine...and feelin' FINE

Jace, AKA...Mr. Wilson, Wilsonator, Jacey-Boy, Little Buddy, turns the big 9 today! I am struggling to figure out how he went from 2 to 9 so quickly!

A few things about Jace...
1. He is almost ALWAYS happy and smiling! I love this about him!!! If he is sad, he bounces back SO quickly! You can always find him humming or singing a little tune.
2. He LOVES to play the Nintendo, Wii, Nintendo DS...any little gadget that he can get his hands on. He is very good at it...I'm afraid a little too good. (Guess I better clamp down on that a little more).
3. He is so sweet to his little sister Haley! He loves her and always has her best interest in mind. When he was picking out a birthday present yesterday, he wanted to buy something that Haley would like too. He equally loves Riley and Brynn, but likes to harass them a little because the "police" him a little too much.
4. He is so obedient and likes to please John and I. He really doesn't want to do anything that would make us unhappy with him.
5. He is just a GREAT kid and we are SO incredibly happy that he is in our family!! Love you buddy!!
Some pictures of Jacey Boy....

Halloween costume...Mario!!

Grandma A and Jace.

Jace and John--taken in our apartment in Indiana.

Always such a tan little bugger!

All the kids on the top bunk bed in Indiana.

For a long time, Jace was petrified of getting his picture taken at a studio. Yes, he is sitting on my lap in this picture. Too funny!

Such a car lover as a little boy! He used to "smuggle" cars home from his friend Tyler's house. I always had to pat him down before we left.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Weekend

Friday-- This weekend was the Father/Son Camp out in our ward. John and Jace went, and had a good time. I think Jace was so glad to have his dad all to himself! They camped at Wright Creek which is near Green Canyon Hot Springs. They were able to go swimming at Green Canyon (swimming is always a highlight for Jace).

The same night was the Mother/Daughter Activity Days party. Brynn and I went to the church for a "beach style" party. We ate hot dogs, fruit, veggies, chips, and root beer floats. They provided lots of nail polish for us to paint our finger nails and toe nails. It was nice to get away with Brynn.

Saturday Morning-- The students in Honor Society went to Lagoon for the day. Riley was excited to go with all her friends. I had to drop her off at the Junior High at 6:45 a.m. and they didn't get home until about 9:15 pm.. She had a great time going on all the rides. She always likes the roller coaster type rides. Riley even went on the Sky Coaster. Here is a little description of that ride...
flyers are approximately 143 feet above the ground, and their flight is ready to begin. Upon being given the signal, the flyers pull the ripcord, releasing themselves from the launch cable to rapidly swing toward the ground at speeds reaching up to 80 mph. The overall feeling is similar to that of swooping along the ground in a hang glider, or of skydiving.
She is trying to talk me into going on that ride next time we go to Lagoon. I think I'll pass!

Saturday, (while John and Jace were camping, and Riley was at Lagoon) I took Brynn and Haley to see a movie (they felt like they needed something fun to do too!) Brynn wanted to see The Last Song with Miley Cyrus. It was a pretty good show. All in all, a fun-busy weekend!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Final Orchestra Concert

Brynn had her final Orchestra concert for the year, Thursday night. The concert included several groups from the grade school, junior high, and high school. I was impressed with how well the grade school kids played. I think that Brynn has a real talent for the violin and I hope that she will continue to play. I am still trying to wrap my mind around that fact that Brynn will be in 6th grade next year! Where did my little girl go?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Dogs Are Barking

Tuesday night the YM/YW were combined for our Mutual activity. We played a game in the gym, (kind of like a game of lacrosse), that required each of us to have an empty gallon milk carton with the bottom cut off. The rules had to use your milk carton as your "lacrosse stick" and get a tennis ball in a small crate that was taped on each side of the gym as a goal. You couldn't touch the ball with your hand and you could only throw the ball from behind a certain line.

I opted to play with the youth. I feel like it is a good way to get to know them better. Good thing I wore my running shoes right? During the game, I was lucky enough to score a goal. We played the game for quite awhile and at the end, the score was tied 3 to 3.

At that point they announced that we were going to play sudden death. That meant that each team player would get one chance to try and score a point for their team. Each person went one at a time and had to throw the ball from behind the basketball 3 point line. I'm such a lucky sucker...I'm the only one that ended up scoring in sudden death and our team won. Too stinkin funny! I guess the moral of the story is...Don't mess with Sister O.

The next morning when I woke up, my feet were killing me. Well, it was mostly my heels. I'm not sure why. I must just be getting old. Good times!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Need to find a good balance

Lately, I feel like I need to find a good balance in my life. There are things I want to do, things I need to do, and things I have to do.

I've noticed that I have developed some qualities like my dad (which is not a bad thing). But, when he is working on a's ALL OR NOTHING. For example...My dad will wake up in the morning, and decide to do some project in the yard. (I'm not just talking about a small project either). He won't work a few hours a day, for a few days, until the task is completed...OH NO! He will get up at the crack of dawn and work the ENTIRE day until it is done. Never mind stopping for lunch, and I'm not even sure how he fits potty breaks into the scenario. John teases him that he goes out to work wearing "Depends", so he doesn't even have to think about it. My sister Monica always says that he needs to "dial it down a notch". Come to think of it my mom falls into this same crazy-work-yourself-to-death category too.

I'm bugged with myself as of late. I have fallen prey to the stay-on-one-task-all- day-crazy-hullabaloo. What is keeping me busy all day, you ask? I have been trying to help my sweet hubby build his dental practice. (I have been working on flyers in photoshop, etc. Maybe I will get your input on it later.) Do I want, need, have, to help him? Yes! All day...NO! Working all day on these tasks are NOT at his request. In fact, I'm sure that he would appreciate it if I would "dial it down a notch". Lately, my house is a wreck, I haven't been exercising, my kids just think it is a free-for-all, and I put the closest quickest things in my mouth.

The stress of living an UN-balanced life is not good. It is not healthy. Do any of you have any great tips on leading a better balanced life?

Student Athlete of the Week

Congrats to my awesome nephew Boston for being awarded "Student Athlete of the Week"! You're a stud Bosty! Click on the title of this post (Student Athlete of the Week) to see news report.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today, my brother would be 40 years old. Brian was killed in an accident when he was 12 years old. I was 11 at the time, and still remember lots of things about that day. (To read an old post all about this, click on the title..."Remembering").

Sometimes I stop and think about how things would be today if he were still alive. What would he be doing, who would he be married to, what would his kids be like.....

I am SO grateful for the knowledge that I will see him again someday. I am also grateful for the 12 years that I was able to spend with him.

Monday, May 10, 2010

5th Grade Flag Ceremony

The 5th grade classes had a little patriotic program at the school a couple of days ago. They sang a few songs, displayed their state floats, and received awards. John, Haley, and I were able to go and watch Brynn. It feels like the school year is winding down. I find that so hard to believe!! Where did the time go? I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that Brynn will be a 6th grader next year. I am just sitting here, remembering the days that I was dropping her off at preschool in Indiana. We have officially been out of dental school for 5 years now. John graduated on Mother's Day. (What a GREAT gift that was!)

I am so grateful that I can stay home with my kids, so that I CAN go to their different activities at the school.

Floats on display

Brynn and her teacher Mrs. C. She is absolutely a fantastic teacher! I am so glad that Brynn has her! I just love her!
Past servicemen for our country.

The program....

These gentlemen were teaching the proper way to fold a flag.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! It is definitely the toughest job out there! I am so blessed to have (in my opinion) the BEST mom on earth! I LOVE MY MOM!! I have no idea how she managed to have 13 kids without spending a few days in the mental hospital. She NEVER ceases to amaze me. She can work circles around people! She would give you the shirt off her back! I just don't know that I have ever met someone with more charity toward EVERYONE!! John has said a time or two that he thought he was marrying someone like my mom, but instead he married my dad. Let's just say....Dad and I have a little more fight in us! Ha ha!

Can I just say that I love being a mother! My kids are so great! Yes, they are not perfect, and there are days that I want to kick their ever-lovin-butts. But, I STILL LOVE THEM!!

Last year I gave my kids a quiz about mothers. I found another quiz about mothers and thought I would see what my kids had to say. I had to bite my cheek not to laugh during some of their answers.

1. Why did God make mothers?
Riley- To take care of families.
Brynn- To have children, so he could create the world.
Jace- For Families
Haley- So people would have a family.

2. How did God make mothers?
Riley- With his finger...I don't know. What kind of a question is that???
Brynn- He sent Adam and Eve to have children.
Jace- With bones
Haley- With his power

3. What ingredients are mothers made of?
Riley- Love
Brynn- Love...ha ha ha, sugar, and honey...ha ha!
Jace- Love
Haley- Meat (Ha ha!! Some of us have a little more meat then others!)

4. Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom?
Riley- Because we have the same personalities.
Brynn- Cause he knew I deserved her.
Jace- Because he knew that you were the mom for the job.
Haley- Because I wanted her.

5. What kind of little girl was your mom?
Riley- She was a fun girl.
Brynn- An obedient little girl.
Jace- Rich (Ha not true)
Haley- Sweet girl

6. What did mom need to know about dad before she married him?
Riley- If he was Mormon.
Brynn- If he was good. If he went to church.
Jace- If he went to church
Haley- About kids

7. Why did your mom marry your dad?
Riley- Because she loved him.
Brynn- Because she loved him.
Jace- Because he loved her and she loved him.
Haley- So she could have kids.

8. Who’s the boss at your house?
Riley- MOM
Brynn- My mom. It depends.
Jace- Um….mom and dad.
Haley- Dad

9. What’s the difference between moms and dads?
Riley- ha ha ha...girls are more caring.
Brynn- Oh that's kind of gross. (Ha ha What the crap?)
Jace- Moms have lip stick
Haley- You have dresses. Dad doesn’t wear dresses, he would look like a maniac.

10. What does your mom do in her spare time?
Riley- Cleans and takes pictures
Brynn- Watch Oprah
Jace- Lay down
Haley- Play games

11. What would it take to make your mom perfect?
Riley- Less cleaning....that would be nice.
Brynn- More spare time.
Jace- You already are.
Haley- For you to listen. (Okay, I’m a dirt bag)

12. If you could change one thing about your mom, what would it be?
Riley- Let me do more stuff.
Brynn- Maybe a little less of a clean freak.
Jace- Nothing
Haley- To be nice. (Ouch)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Induction into Honor Society

Last night was Riley's induction into Honor Society. They had two great guest speakers and a short candle lighting ceremony. After that, they had all the students come up one by one. When they called Riley's name, I noticed that the clapping and shouting got a little louder. I think that Riley is well liked. It made me feel happy. She is just a well rounded girl! I should take some lessons from her.

Guest speakers. They both did a great job. The girl had a stroke a couple of years ago. She was inspiring to listen to. It makes you appreciate your own set of trials.

Mr. H, reading the names. He's a great guy! He used to be Riley's basketball coach.

It was hard to capture a picture of Riley. She just cruised across the stage. Crappy lighting + lots of movement = Poopie pictures.

My little "Chatty-Cathy"

I was impressed with how many 7th grade students are in Honor Society. Riley has a great group of friends. I hope that they will all continue to make good choices. When the program was over, they served refreshments in the lunch room.

Riley and her best friend, Heidi.