Saturday, August 28, 2010


About once a year I try and take my kids (one at a time) and take their pictures. I took Haley the other day to my mom and dad's house to take her pictures. They have an amazing yard and it is a great place for pictures. This little woman sure does make us happy. We just LOVE having her around.

They have several amazing fountains in their yard. Haley is sitting in front of one of them.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tri-Stake Dance Festival

This past weekend, our stake participated in a Tri-Stake Dance Festival. The events were held at a local football stadium. Each stake performed a total of 4 dances.

In our stake, they danced in groups of Beehive/Deacon, Mia Maid/Teachers, Laurels/Priests, and the 4th dance they were all combined.

Waiting for the dance to start...

The Beehives and Deacons did a really fun stick dance.....

...and the Laurels and Priests did a waltz.

Riley is now a Mia Maid and they did a swing dance to the song "Route 66". I was glad that Riley participated. She complained a little bit about doing it (I think that is what all kids do), but I know that she was very glad that she did it in the end. I feel like the church leaders go through so much effort to come up with great activities for the kids, and sometimes they kids don't even want to try. Her complaints were falling on deaf ears. She realized that her complaining was going to get her NO WHERE, so she figured she might as well suck it up and enjoy it.

Come on baby, let's do the twist....

The Finale was performed by all the kids in the stakes to the music "The Circle of Life" from the Lion King movie. It was a lot of fun to watch. They did a fantastic job.

Daddy / Son Campout

Since John just recently took Brynn on a Father/Daughter camp out, it was Jace's turn for his one on one with his dad. John decided to take him to Sawtooth Lake to camp, hike, and fish. Jace was very excited to go. John worked 1/2 a day at work, came home and got ready, and they took off.

I have never been there before, but John said that it was beautiful up there.

They hiked up where it was very steep and had lots of little loose rocks. I think it make both Jace and John a little nervous. They were able to get very close to a beautiful waterfall.

They had a great time fishing, even though they didn't catch anything.

Jace loves his one on one time with his dad. He is always surrounded by girls at the house, so I think it was a great little get-away for him.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Father / Daughter

John recently took Brynn on a Father/Daughter camping trip. Brynn was very excited because it was just the two of them. They had planned the trip for a long time. They drove to Palisades, after John got home from work, and planned to sleep in the van that night. They got there kind of late, so sleeping in the van was probably a good thing.

The next morning they planned on hiking to the upper Palisades lake. They had to hike in with all their gear. Tent, sleeping bags, food, fishing pole, clean get the picture. They packed light and tight. Of course Brynn packed her blanket and little lamb stuffed animal named "Fleecy". She just couldn't leave them home. In the picture below you can see Fleecy poking her head out the top of the backpack. I'm sure that Brynn did that by design. After all, Fleecy needs to breath and see.

The hike to the upper Palisades lake is kind of difficult. Especially when you have a big pack on your back. I've heard that Brynn did great.

Tired and happy to be there.

When they got home they were tired and dirty, but I know that they had a great time. I'm sure that Brynn can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Riley and Brynn on the Sky Coaster

To watch a video of Riley and Brynn on the Sky Coaster, click on the title of this post.

I still can't believe Brynn did it!!! John paid her $5 bucks to do it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 14 and Lagoon

First of all, I need to say sorry to all my Utah friends. We went to Lagoon this weekend and did not call. It was a very last minute decision to go. We have been promising our kids all summer that we would take them to Lagoon. We sat down and looked at our August calendar and realized that this was the ONLY weekend available. I have not wanted to leave town because my dad hasn't been doing so great, but he seemed to be feeling pretty we left. I was very nervous about leaving town, but we knew that we needed a little family vacation---so we went.

I grew up going to Lagoon every summer and still love going. I guess I am just a thrill seeker and a sucker for roller coasters. The only problem is I am getting older. The older you get the harder it is to do all those things and not get sick to your stomach. But, I didn't let that stop me.

It also happened to be Riley's 14th birthday. She is now officially old enough to start going to Stake dances. WHAT THE CRAP! It was NOT that long ago that I was going to Stake dances. I remember them just like they were yesterday. I even remember what I was wearing to some of the Stake dances. (Erin...I remember wearing your pink and white skirt and shirt with your cute white boots)

I guess if you are going to celebrate a birthday, Lagoon is a good place to go!

Riley and Brynn went on a ride called the Sky Coaster. For those of you reading this that don't know what that ride entails, here is a description.

The Sky Coaster is a sport/amusement attraction that offers all the thrills and excitement of skydiving and hang gliding. The attraction requires participants to be strapped into a full-body harness (usually referred to as a flight suit) that supports one to three flyers at a time.

From a static point of approximately six feet above the ground, flyers are pulled aloft by a launch cable until nearly reaching the top of the launch tower. At this point, flyers are approximately 143 feet above the ground, and their flight is ready to begin. Upon being given the signal, the flyers pull the ripcord, releasing themselves from the launch cable to rapidly swing toward the ground at speeds reaching up to 80 mph. The overall feeling is similar to that of swooping along the ground in a hang glider, or of skydiving.

I still cannot believe that Brynn was brave enough to go. Last time we went to Lagoon, Brynn didn't want to go on SEVERAL of the rides because they looked too scary. This year she was willing to go on everything.

Riley and Brynn--flyin' high!

Brynn's face says it all. Riley has been on the ride once before. She said it was just as scary this time.

I tried to be a good sport and go on all the rides that the kids wanted me to ride. Some of them, I wasn't exactly thrilled to go on. (I guess mostly just the rides that spin you around lots and lots and make you want to loose your lunch. But, yes I went on those too.)

This ride is called Cliffhanger. It hangs you upside down and gets you wet, and that my friend is a double whammy. You not only get to feel sick, you are sick AND wet--a very delightful combination.

Nice and wet after the ride.

Jace was happy to go on every ride. I can honestly say that he is the happiest kid I have ever known. He was just happy to be there and brave enough to try it all.

Haley was BARELY tall enough to go on some of the large scary rides. She was SO brave and willing to try a lot of the big rides. I couldn't believe that my sweet little 5 year old wanted to tackle some of the huge rides. I remember going to Lagoon as a kid and having my dad drag me on to most of the big rides. I know that I was MUCH older then 5.

She was brave enough to go on this LARGE roller coaster.

The Wild Mouse was one of Haley's favorite rides and we went on it SEVERAL times. That was great with me, because it is one of my favorite rides too. She said she loved to listen to me scream on that ride.

We also went to Pioneer Village and got a few pictures taken. That is the first time I have done that with my kids. It was a lot of fun.

I just had to photoshop a little saying on this next picture...