Monday, September 27, 2010

Colts treat

Riley likes to "trash talk" back and forth with the Austin family, in our ward, about which NFL team is best.  Of course, we are big time Colts fans here at our house.  We have great memories of living in Indiana.  My kids ask quite often if we can go back and visit.  One of these years, we will definitely have to take a vacation to Indiana.  I always remind them that a lot of the friends that we had out there, no longer live there.  But, we still have lots of friends that we love out there, and would love to see again.

Yesterday, the Colts were playing the Denver Broncos.  (Which just so happens to be the beloved team of the Austin family).  It was also the day after Sydne Austin's birthday.  Riley got up early and made Sydne some brownies for her birthday and the big game day.
She is holding the pan of brownies upside down.  That's okay...the Colts still won. :)
We love you Austin Family!!

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Dr. John Owen said...

Hey! She's holding that horseshoe upside-down. Boy! Even after giving her the brownies - such disrespect! Heidi, see if you can turn this photo upside-down!