Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This morning Haley was watching me get ready for the day.  I was looking in the mirror putting on makeup.  She asked me why I was putting makeup on.  (I'm not sure why she was asking because I do it everyday.)  I told her that I was going to the school to vote and I didn't want to scare anyone.  This intrigued her and she started asking questions.  Are they voting for you?  Why are you voting?  What are you voting for?

Then we got back on the makeup subject.  Haley told me it was a good thing that I was putting makeup on.  She then attempted to imitate screams from the people if I went to vote without makeup..."She is HIDEOUS!"  Thank you sweets for letting mommy know that it is important to wear makeup and not go out in public looking like Quasimodo.
Today I went with John to lunch.  During one of our different conversations we got on the topic of being liked as a person.  John said to me, "Everyone likes you".  He questioned me on how I am able to get everyone to like me.  I joked and told him in a funny voice, "I am just a likable person".   Even though I know that this statement is a bunch of cow manure.  I know that not everyone likes me, and I guess frankly I don't really care.  I is what I is, baby.

John then went on to compare me to a cat.  He said that everyone is saying "here kitty-kitty" and everyone wants to pet me and hold me in their lap.  And every once in awhile I will scratch them with my sharp claws, and they will still try and pet me and be nice to me.

Then John said, "I am just like a dang dog...jumping up on everyone, trying to get them to like me---and they are saying, "Get away stupid dog."  He said that he is always trying to be nice to people and they still don't like him.  (Hog wash, I tell ya--people love John).

I told John that maybe he is one of those "farting dogs"---you just can't get too close because you will asphyxiate.  We both laughed about him being a farting dog.

Funny analogy sweets.


Erin said...

Your so funny!

J and J said...

Love the dog/cat conversation! Some people love dogs so much they don't care if they fart. Tell John he just has to find those kind of people!