Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Flashback...Toilet papering

When I was a kid, quite frequently for entertainment, we would go and toilet paper somebodies yard.  I know that kids also do this now days, but I don't see it as often as waaaay back when I was a youth. 

As a kid, we didn't have a computer to spend countless hours on, and half the time the T.V. wasn't working.  When it was working, we only got 4 channels--one being PBS which can be a real snoozer to a older kid.  We didn't have video games or electronic gadgets.  It seems like some of our weekend late night entertainment consisted of---

1. Toilet papering
2. Prank phone calls (You could get away with it back then because caller I.D. did not exist.) 

I don't think my kids would know what to do if they had to "create" some entertainment.  Everything is just so "in your face" now days.  I might add that the prank phone calls were completely innocent, lame, and not in the least bit funny.  Although we thought we were completely hilarious.

Back in the day, our house was frequently targeted when it came to getting "toilet papered".  My guess for being targeted---we lived in the country (not a lot of cars driving by), we didn't have a dog, lots of teenage girls lived in the house, and our yard had TONS of trees.  One weekend a kid toilet papered our house and it seriously looked like it snowed.  He used several cases of toilet paper--totalling about 112 rolls.  My dad was not exactly happy with the mass amount of toilet paper that was cascading down from all the trees, although it was kind of pretty.  I wish we had taken a picture of it.  I think my dad got stuck cleaning up most of the mess.  Now, we know that it should have been Monica out there doing the T.P. collecting.

One particular night, I was coming home late when I happened to stumble on several girls toilet papering our house.  At the time, I must have been a Freshman or Sophomore in High School and had several cute younger brothers.  I guess that is a way to show someone you like destroying their house/yard.  You don't get the fact that it is completely annoying, until you have a house and yard of your own.  When they saw me pulling in the driveway, they scattered and I went in the house.  I went and woke up my dad and told him that someone was out toilet papering the yard.

My dad and I decided to sneak out the back door and hide and wait for them to come back.  We figured they would return, because they hadn't gotten very far in their "toilet papering job", and I just unexpectedly showed up and put the kibosh on all their fun.  It was kind of exciting waiting for them to return.  It was like playing a game of hide and go seek.  You know the feeling when you are waiting for something and you just almost can't keep from giggling with excitement.  I still remember crouching down next to my dad, on the side of the house.  We were whispering and trying not to break out in laughter.  It was a great little "hiding place" because of all the trees.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, they returned to finish what they had started.  We let them get comfortable and then we jumped out of our hiding place.  They all started to scream and run.  I got a harebrained idea to chase after them, and the chase began!  We all took off down the road.  I was running fast enough that I caught up and was running along side the pack of them.  At that point, they thought that I was one of them.  They jumped in the "get away car" and were screaming at me to get I did.  They started to drive off and then realized that I was technically not supposed to be there.  The expressions on their faces was priceless.  They were nice enough to stop and let me out and not force me to jump. 

My family still laughs about the time that I jumped in and rode off with the toilet paper hooligans. 
I am posting this picture to give you an idea of my age at the time.  I realize that this is a hideous picture filled with ugly hair and lots of make up.  Don't judge.

And my dad may have looked something like this...
Another scare ball picture of me with what looks like "triangle hair".

**Some other time I will have to post another funny toilet papering experience and dedicate it to my good friend Camille.


Emily Andrus said...

I noticed you left out some details about the TP cleanup...

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! We always got TP'd too!! That's what happens with a house full of girls. One weekend night the doorbell rang late and as we answered it, there were flashing lights and two boys sitting on the grass handcuffed. The police officer asked Jami if she knew them. One of the boys said, "Hi Jami". So she said yeah. He asked if we wanted to press charges, and of course we said "no". He then said the boys would be back to clean up in the morning. Funniest thing EVER! So much for impressing the ladies!