Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DARE graduation

A few nights ago Brynn had her DARE graduation.  The DARE program teaches the kids the dangers and harm that drugs can do to them and others.  From the start of the school until now, they have had a DARE officer come to their school once a week and meet with them. 

The kids were challenged to complete several different tasks while they were in DARE.

1- Keep their room clean
2- No soda 
3- Do a good deed everyday
4-No T.V. for 2 weeks
5- Dress for success (dress up once a week for school)

Brynn worked hard and completed all 5 challenges!  I think it was very hard for her to go without T.V. for 2 weeks, and at first I didn't know if she could complete the task.  She DID it!!  I was proud of her!  During those 2 weeks she spent lots of time on her bed, reading.  I think it was a good experience and taught her that there are some great books out there.  I think she enjoyed her time away from the T.V.  Brynn was also able to keep her room clean, which I LOVED.  I should say that she was able to keep HER side of the room clean.  Now, if it could just rub off on Riley.  Wishful thinking.

There were only about 4 kids that completed all 5 challenges, and they were able to pick out some DARE logo gear for their hard work.  Brynn came home with a new backpack. 

At the end of the graduation, some of the DARE officers performed some "rock" songs on stage.  (Several of the officers are in my Stake, and such great guys!)  They invited all the DARE students to come down to the front while they played.  It was fun to watch the kids having a great time dancing to the music.  I think that they felt very grown up, like they were at a real concert. 

They thought about doing away with the DARE program this year (budget cuts), and I'm glad that they didn't.  I think that it was good for Brynn to learn about the dangers of drugs and also I think it taught her some responsibility---after all, it takes a village, right?  We are proud of you Brynny!

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