Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Flashback...mud swimming pool

When I was growing up we lived out in the country...out where there are no sidewalks, stores, you get the picture.  We had a T.V., but most the time it wasn't working.  When it was working we only got channels 3, 6, 8, and 10.  During the hot summer days, there was nothing worth watching on T.V., especially during the "soap opera" time of day.

 We had to provide our own entertainment.  We would spend endless hours outside--riding bikes, floating the canal, playing kick-the-can, playing make believe, exploring the yard, taking a walk (sometimes down to the "dead calf"--another story for another time).  We probably spent 90% of the day, outside.  It didn't matter what we were dressed like...
Exhibit A.--Stan, Jared, Kevin, and Curtis out front in their undy-pants.
I especially love Kevin's XL pair and the fact that he is wearing shoes.
Cute little Curty is in the can.
Exhibit B.--Fashion was not a necessity when it came to playing hard.
I think just about every summer, we (some of my siblings and a few neighbor kids), would get several shovels out of the garage and head out to the backyard--to dig ourselves a mud swimming pool in a spot near the garden.  It wasn't just a mud wading pool, it was a mud swimming pool.  The "pool" was equipped with a slide, diving board (2x4), and a life guard (wearing a whistle).  We probably spent as much time making the pool as we did swimming in it.  We took our pool building very seriously.  Oh how I wish we had a picture of it all. 

After swimming and rolling around in the mud, we would head into the house in our swimming suits.  You guessed it---muddy from head to toe.  It seems like mud was in every crevasse--even our ears.  Gross.

We would all pile in the bath tub and shower off together.  I am quite certain that we left the bathroom and tub in a huge muddy mess, thinking nothing of it.  Isn't that just a kid for ya?

My mom was always so incredibly patient with us as we used our imaginations and carried out our hair-brained ideas.  What a saint!  Thanks Mom!


NatureGirl said...

I will comment as soon as I stop laughing...

J and J said...

Love this post! I want to be a mom like that! I'm afraid I wouldn't be so patient! Love the undies best!