Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL mom!!

Happy 69th Birthday to the most amazing woman that I have ever met!  When you look up the word saint in the dictionary it says,

saint(seynt) - Deanna
1. any of certain persons of exceptional holiness of life
2. a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence
3. a founder, sponsor, or patron, as of a movement or organization.  (She does have almost 58 grand kids you know)!!
And then it has a picture of my mom...
A few words to describe my mom...
  • SERVICE - that is her middle name....Ask anyone!  She always says that she likes to feel needed.
  • KIND - She HONESTLY never ever says a bad word about ANYONE, and I don't care how bad they are!!
  • GIVING - She gives of her time, and love, with no thought of herself.  She will most definitely take care of someone elses needs before her own.  She is last on the list.  That means she eats last, goes to bed last, etc.  She will gladly volunteer for unwanted tasks, and do it with a glad heart and a smile.
  • POSITIVE - She is always saying the phrase, "It's all progress" just to make you feel good when you are running raged.
  • I could go on and on.....
If you know my mom, I think you will agree!! She is just one of a kind and simply amazing.  This tiny woman has had 13 children and now 57 1/2 grand kids.  (We call her a little pocket rocket).

All of the grand kids just flock to her like flies to syrup.  I am so blessed to have her as my mom.  I love you mom, and hope you have a great birthday!!


NatureGirl said...

We DO all agree. She is one amazing woman and it shows in not only her countenance, but in the righteous posterity that she has raised...and oh MY what a posterity!!! They are going to have to add on to the Celestial Kingdom for you guys...

Happy Birthday Sister A!

djtandrus said...

I so agree with you NatureGirl. She is loved and looked up to by all who know her. What a "SPECIAL LADY". I just love the whole family so much and want them to all know it! What a legacy she has Love, Laugh, Live is a good motto for them. XOXOXO


P.S. Heidi I just love your blog you have a great talent with writing.

Emily Andrus said...

Happy Birthday Grandma! You guys are so lucky to live right next to Grandma. My kids would love that!