Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LOOK OUT!!!!!!

Last night, Riley and I went to her first Drivers Ed meeting.  She is starting Drivers Ed this week!!!!  YIKES, YIKES, TRIPLE YIKES!!  You have to be 14 1/2 to start and she has been bugging me about taking Drivers Ed for about a year now (at least).  She will be taking private lessons from a husband and wife in my ward.  Because they are private lessons, the class was able to decide how quickly to get though all the material.  (They have to have 30 hours of class time).  The majority of the parents and kids wanted to BUST through as quickly as they could.  I on the other hand, was probably the only one NOT in a hurry.  The majority won out.  So, because they are trying to hurry through...some days she will have to go to class twice in a day.  The BRUTAL part of it all is most of the class times are at 6:00 a.m., and it takes about 20 minutes to get to the school.  OH, and did I mention that Riley is NOT a morning person?  She normal gets up at 7:30 for school.  They are on target to finish all the class material before the end of February.  She will have LOTS of Drivers Ed homework, on top of her school homework (along with piano, Y.W., basketball games/practice, volleyball, etc).  This should be one busy month!!!  She will get her permit in a couple of days and be one of those dangerous drivers on the road. :)

I spent a good majority of my evening catering to Riley.  We went to her Drivers Ed meeting for almost two hours, I rushed her home to change clothes for basketball practice, and drove her to basketball.  When I dropped her off she informed me that I needed to run her volleyball registration over to her friends house.  I was bugged to say the least.  No "thanks", no "would you please"....OHHHH, sometimes kids just need a little butt kickin!  Those "thanks" and "please" go a long way for a mom!!  Too bad you don't learn that until you ARE a mom.  Oh well, she won't get it from her kids either!

So, I drove the @#$ registration over to her friends house and visited with her mom for a second.  I told her what I had been up to for the past few hours.  That darn Holly told me to enjoy it because it goes by so fast.  Okay, way to put it into perspective Holly.  You're a good lady!

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Dr. John Owen said...

Watch your mouth Heidi.