Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A VERY IMPORTANT Lesson Well Learned!

Riley had a friend over last weekend and when it came time to drive her home Riley wanted to drive. She got her permit a couple weeks ago. I (John) rode shotgun as Riley drove her friend home. After dropping her friend off, I asked Riley to take the long way home. She felt a little uncomfortable with the new route because it was nighttime and she couldn't see real well since our roads in Idaho are all dirty from the winters muck. Anyways, she was changing her speed quite a bit and drifting in and out of some imaginary lanes that were supposed to be on the road. About 5 minutes into our ride, bright lights lit up our car and Riley looked behind us and said, "Is that a cop? What is he doing? Oh my gosh, I think he's pulling me over!" Sure enough, Riley got pulled over. I'm writing this because I think what the officer told Riley is funny.

Riley, needless to say, was freaking out as the officer walked up. He looked in the window and with a big smile asked how things were going. We told him she just got her permit and was doing her best. He smiled and said, "I pulled you over because when I saw your driving I thought to myself, this is either a drunk or a really bad driver." He attempted to smooth over and qualify his statement by saying, "That's not to say you're a really bad driver though!" We laughed and he let us go with a vote of encouragement. I thought about his statement and turned to Riley and said, "Well, I guess he thinks you're drunk then".

Riley's first experience with a cop just taught her that cute girls can get away with anything...even drunk driving on a learners permit. I'm not complaining though, I want her to get out of every ticket. It was a good lesson...one I'm sure she wasn't taught in Driver's Ed. It now occurs to me why girls fuss with their hair so much in the car.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Biggest Loser Competition FINAL RESULTS....

This morning I went for the FINAL FINAL FINAL weigh-in for the Biggest Loser Competition.  Can I just say that I am very releived that it is all over.  Toward the end, I knew that I was in the running but was feeling a lot of pressure (from myself only) to finish with guns-a-blazing!  I'm an all or nothing kinda girl.  For 10 weeks I drank NO soda, and I think I had maybe one dessert.  I stuck to the plan of exercising 6 days a week and counting EVERY...LAST....calorie that I ate - EVERY morsel.  I think you have to be dedicated when you need/want to see big results.  At first I will have to say that it was a bit torturesome at times....I'm not gonna lie.  But, after learning about foods and their calories it became second nature.  I could eat!  When you are eating the right things....you can eat lots of it!!  I would exercise, so I could eat more.  But, I would also exercise because I felt so good afterwards. 

All together I have lost a total of 29.2 pounds and am still on track to continue in my weight loss journey.  I want to lose a lot more.  I will lose more.  I must lose more, because I am still sporting my B.I.F.  What the heck is a BIF?  It is a "butt-in-front".  I think I was blessed by the "A" side of the family.  My sweet Grandma Vea had a bit of a BIF and she passed it on to me.  Thanks Grandma!  Yes, I have been asked when my baby is due when I am not pregnant.  Can you say "kill"?  I guess you can also have a BIF after you have had children.  Sometimes that belly just doesn't want to cooperate.  Several years ago when Riley and Brynn were very little one of them asked me why I had my pants on backwards.  I looked at them puzzled and told them that they were on right.  She came back with, "Then why is the big part in the front"?  Yes, that would be the ol' BIF. 

So, back to the competition....the results of the weigh-in were VERY CLOSE, but I WON (by the skin of my teeth)!!!!
The top 3 standings for total % weight loss were....
1st place – Me – 14.51%
2nd place – *** – 14.22%
3rd place – *** – 13.78%
So, you can see that it was a really close race.  The prize money for the winner was $272.00, which I will be spending on ME!  I could certainly use some new clothes, but don't want to buy any yet.

I guess you could say that I am the Biggest Loser/Winner!  I lost and I WON!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pinewood Derby

We just recently had the annual Pinewood Derby in our ward.  I remember going to the Pinewood Derby as a kid with my brother Brian.  My dad always spent a lot of time getting his car tuned up just so.

Jace picked out what he wanted his car to look like and was "helper" to John.  John was in charge of the Pinewood Derby this year and had to weigh in cars and set up the track.

After several races and when it was all said and done, Jace's car took 1st place.  He was quite pleased with the outcome.  I could see his anxiety when they were announcing the finals.  He could hardly even sit still.  The look on his face was priceless.  Jace would have been happy with any outcome,  but it was nice to have him win this year and give him a boost of confidence.  He is a great kid!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Girl

Little Miss Hay-hay turned the big 6 today!  We spent a good portion of the day at a pizza place where they have a play area, arcade, and lazer tag.  We went there with 5 of my sisters and their kids.  We occasionally go there for family parties.  It's great because the kids are off playing hard while the adults visit and relax for a bit.  (If you can call that place relaxing).  On the way to the pizza place, Haley asked me a funny little question.  She said, "Mom, how did you pick the day that we would celebrate my birthday?"  I just had to smile, laugh, and explain to her that she picked the day.  It was the day that she came out of my tummy.  I just love that cute little girl. 

After lunch and playing we went to Toys R Us to let Haley browse.  She just kept dropping things in the cart.  It was pretty funny.  We finally told her to go out to the car with Riley and we would pick a few things and surprise her. 

When we got home, she opened her presents and seemed very happy with her "loot".

I just cannot believe that she is now 6!!  That means that we have been out of school for 6 years because I had that little sweet "Hoosier Baby" right before we left Indiana.  What a great little blessing she is in our lives.

Friday, March 4, 2011

2 week weigh in....getting close to the finale

I was very very nervous to go to my 2 week weigh in today for the Biggest Loser competition.  I actually dreamt last night that I went to the store and bought a bag of Cheetos and a Sunkist.  I was mad at myself (in my dream) for buying those things right before a weigh in.  Kinda funny that I am dreaming about food.  I'm surprised that the soda in my dream was a Sunkist and not a Mountain Dew (my long lost love).  Anyway....

I think I am starting to hit a plateau in the weight loss department.  Dang.  It's fun seeing the numbers move on the scale.  I guess I am just being very impatient.  I just want the weight to melt off.  I am doing it the right way though...losing a couple of pounds a week.  Why is it soooo darn easy to put weight on and so long and hard to get it off?
So, today, I was down another 5 pounds from 2 weeks ago.  That would be a total of 25 pounds thus far.  For your information, an average 2 year old weighs 25 pounds.  Can I just say, it's nice to get that two year old off my back!! :)
The girl that is in charge of the weigh ins and results always sends out an email (to all the participants) after they weigh in.  Last week she sent not only % lost for the two weeks, but she sent total weigh loss % to date so we could see where we stand in the competition.

I actually came in 1st place last week for the 2 week weigh in (out of 31 girls).  Which put me in 2nd place for the overall standing.  Today I came in 2nd place for the 2 week weigh in, and she didn't post where everyone was in the overall standing.  Makes me really curious!  I hate not knowing, because I am a competitive little fart.

So, I've got 2 more weeks to really kick it into high gear!!  I feel like I have learned a lot doing the competition!  Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting a Rise Out of Your Kids - Priceless!

Last Thursday, Riley took her final "destination" drive in drivers ed. It was a big deal to Riley and she was very nervous. It was generally a moment dads live for. Heidi dropped her off and was going to head home. Riley's first "destination" was in the direction of the house and it appeared Heidi was going to follow her for a short time. The other kid in the car with Riley and the Instructor asked Riley if her Mom was going to follow her. She replied, "No, my mom wouldn't do that. My dad would, on the other hand, but he'd have a video camera with him." They thought that was funny. As it so happened, I was getting off work at that very moment and had phoned Heidi and caught her just as she was starting to follow Riley. I told Heidi I was so excited to hear that Riley was doing her drive. Heidi told me not to harrass her. YEAH RIGHT! I knew the spot Riley was heading for and raced to meet her there. I caught up with her at the entrance to "University Place".  

Riley saw me at "University Place" and said "Oh my goodness, there's my dad!" and there I was...phone video in hand and filming. I love harrassing my kids.