Thursday, May 5, 2011


This morning I went with my mom and some of my sisters to the cemetery, where my dad is buried, to watch them place the headstone.  When the company finished making the headstone (several months ago), winter had set in and we had to wait until all the snow melted and it warmed up outside before they could set it.

When we got to the cemetery, they were in the middle of placing a headstone in a different location.  After several minutes a lady walked over to talk to us.  She told us that they were placing her husbands headstone.  In the process, she noticed that it had the Logan Temple on it.  She told the workers that she didn't get married in the Logan Temple.  She read the name on headstone and it had my dad's name on it.  They were placing his headstone on the wrong grave.  Right last name...wrong first name.  Oops!  Good thing we were all out there to keep them straight.

After several minutes they came to where my dad is buried, with the right headstone.  My mom had agreed to play the piano at a funeral this morning, and was not able to stay while they placed dad's headstone (due to the time lost in the mix up).  My 4 sisters and I stayed there to "oversee" that everything was done to our liking.  Those 2 poor guys were being bossed around by 5 women that wanted things done PERFECTLY.  They were good sports and put up with all of our bossing around.
Brian's grave

They took the time to dig all around my brothers grave and reposition his headstone.  Over the years it had managed to sink in the ground quite a bit and had a lot of grass growing up where it shouldn't be.

They told us that they were going to clean it up and make it look good.  It has a lot of dirt on it in this picture because they had cut all around it.

Getting things ready for the headstone placement.

It was such a beautiful morning to be out at the cemetery.  The sun was shining and it felt nice and warm, which is a rare thing here during the Spring time. 

It seemed so weird out there watching them place the headstone.  It still just doesn't seem real.  It is hard to explain...I feel like I haven't seen my dad in such a long time, but at the same time, it seems like his funeral was just yesterday.

Some of the grand kids that were out there with us.

 We had several "little helpers" with us out at the cemetery.  They had a great time exploring and walking all around.  This is a picture of 5 of the little boys that were with us.

We also had 3 sweet little girl helpers with us.  The cousins always love to spend time with each other.  It is so cute!

This is the front of the headstone.  I took this picture before they had
placed the two vases that will go on the sides.

The back of the headstone.
On a side note:  My dad hired a guy to make this bridge for their yard.  It seemed like the bridge was NEVER going to get done.  My dad would call him often to check on the progress of the bridge.  He was good at putting the hurt on people when he wanted something to get done.  As my dad got sicker and sicker we knew that he would never get a chance to enjoy his bridge.  He got to see it when it was almost completed.  Dad even told the guy that he would like to walk over the bridge at least once before he died.  (See what I mean about the "hurt".)  Dad passed away before the bridge was ever finished and delivered.  Recently, we started calling the guy and telling him that it HAD to be done before my dad's birthday.  They delivered the bridge on dad's 70th birthday.  I just wish that he was here to be able to enjoy it.

We had them put this on the bridge.

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Julie said...

So glad you were there to put things straight. That would have been terrible! Lovely headstone. That bridge is GREAT.