Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to the 80's

Recently, when I have been shopping with Riley for school clothes, I have noticed the back-to-the-80's styles hanging on the racks.  The cut off sleeved sweatshirts, florescent shirts, colorful sunglasses, suspenders, etc.       Exhibit A.
I also see kids wearing their hair in the AWFUL mullet...."business in the front, party in the back style" (sorta gives me the shivers).

It's just like a blast from the past!  It is so surreal shopping with my teenager for clothes that I wore when I was her age.  I just kind of walk around laughing.  I think it would be more fun browsing with an old friend, reminiscing about all the old styles and good times.  When you talk about it with your teen, they just think you are weird.  I wish I had more pictures when I was in Junior High so I could show my kids just how the styles have returned. 

The one thing that has not quite made a comeback yet (and hopefully never will) is the big, huge, out of control, hair sprayed hair.  Oh so painful to look at!

I recently came across this picture of me, my sister Pauline, and our friend Cresta.  I made me completely laugh out loud.  I think this is the first day of school, and I don't remember what year....just sometime in the 80's.  I cannot believe how our hair literally had a shape.  I couldn't resist photoshopping a little shape on the front of our shirts that resembled our "hair shape" (not that it wasn't COMPLETELY obvious).  Good stuff!


Janice said...

I can so relate to the big hair. You made me laugh out loud also. I think I was a triangle or oval unless I had a banana clip and then I'm not sure what shape that would be...hmmm. Thanks for the laugh. I noticed the 80's clothes too and will just crack up when one of my girls buys a cropped shirt.Yikes!

Heather Davies said...

hahaha, that is awesome!! Love the photoshopped shapes. That's perfect! Yes, the 80s are making a comeback. Pretty funny. Guess you should've kept some of your fluorescent clothes! :)

Par 5 said...

I vote that you 3 girls bring that hair style back...seriously, that looks GOOD!! :)