Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

Another Halloween has come and gone...hard to believe.  Once again, we had our annual family Halloween party.  This year we went to my mom's house for the party.  We always eat soup and my mom's delicious homemade bread.  My mom doesn't mess around---she makes some mean homemade bread.  I could just about eat an entire loaf. 

Most everyone dressed up for the occasion. 

This year, John and I dress up as Johnny Lingo and Mahana.  If you don't know who that is, I would suggest watching the movie.  I was Johnny Lingo and HE was Mahana.  Ugly?  Absolutely.  Funny?  You-betcha!  I shant be posting any pictures this year of the two of us.  It may leave some lasting irreparable damage on the viewer.  Let's just say that I had a short boy hair wig with big bushy eyebrows.  John was wearing a long black wig.  We DID look something like this...
My costumes are usually ugly.  I'm good with that.  Any "lady" costumes in the store are all short, low, and a little too sexy for this gal.  I'm not sure why Halloween costumes have evolved into ladies dressing like "ladies of the evening".  It's a bit of a head scratcher.  Who wants to see a grown woman dressed as a sexy kitty, red riding hood, or wonder woman.  Especially a grown woman that has had a few kids.

Here are a few pictures from the party...
This is only some of the grand kids.  There were a lot more scattered all over the house.

I could baste her and eat her for Thanksgiving.  She's a dolly.

For one that didn't want her picture taken, she posed for me pretty well.
I think a good time was had by all!

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Tyson & Tera Smith said...

Amen, Lady! I said the exact same thing while going through cosumes.."what the heck is a sexy kitty! There's no such thing! And a sexy maid???" All the maids I have seen are in pale blue clothes that are too baggy, pushing around a huge cart. Yes, head scratcher for sure.