Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Littlest Mostest

A couple weeks ago while fixing Haley's hair for school she was in the bathroom comparing things on the counter top.  I love to listen to kids at that age and how they phrase things.  After she finished her comparisons, I had to go in the kitchen and write down what she said.  It just made me laugh.  It went something like this...

The first one has the most.

The second one has the second mostest.

The third one has the littlest mostest.

Oh Haley, I'm gonna miss it when you grow up!  You always make me smile!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do you have your ticket to the GUN show?

 Yet another FUNNY spelling sentence, thanks to my cute little Jace.  I read through his spelling sentences weekly, and want to laugh out loud.  If only I could climb inside his head for a day to see what makes this kid tick.  He is just too funny.  The following sentence was in last weeks spelling homework assignment.  Notice the smiley face the teacher wrote next to his sentence...

I just had to post this picture.  This was taken in October of 2008...although he doesn't look a whole lot different today.

Girls, doesn't it just about make you faint?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surprise Birthday Party

My mom is turning 70 years old next week. Several weeks ago we decided to plan a surprise birthday party for her. We chose to have the party before her birthday on December 30th, (because more of her children would be in town for the Christmas holiday). She normally works in the temple on Friday nights, so we asked her to arrange for a substitute. We "told her" that we were singing at an "after Christmas party" at my sisters ward. She didn't think much of it, (aside from the fact that the ward was a little crazy for planning a party between Christmas and New Years), so she called a substitute.

The party was held at my sister Monica's church. We invited all of my mom's siblings and their children, all of my dad's siblings and their children. (On a side note--I should mention that my mom has 12 siblings and my dad has 5 siblings. So, yes, there were several people at the party.)

We all arrived at the church 1/2 hour early. We explained to everyone why my mom thought she was coming to the church. When my mom arrived with my sister Lisa and her family, they drove her to an entrance at the rear of the church where we were waiting. My mom wanted my brother-in-law Bob, to drop her off at the front and he just kept driving. She told us later that she was thinking, "What the crap!"

When mom got into the church, we told her we needed to run through a song before we sang. As we practiced in one of the rooms, we all could hardly keep from smiling and laughing. Monica's husband poked his head into the room and told us they were ready for us to sing. We left the room in a hurry, went down the hall to the gym, and made sure my mom was the last one to walk in. She was all business when she was walking in the gym...head down...heading straight for the piano. It was beyond HILARIOUS when everyone yelled "Surprise!" She was so completely confused for a few minutes. Then she turned to all of us girls and said, "Did you guys know about this?" We all just started laughing.
I wish I could post ALL the pictures that I took that night...but there are just TOO many. Here are a few...

The Family Tree
(Included Doug and Deanna's children, their spouses and children)

After everyone had a chance to visit for awhile, we had a program planned. It was...
The Lifetime Over Achiever Award

Kory wrote a song for my mom. The tune is "Grandma's Feather Bed". The words are below.
Tears of laughter at Kory's song
After the party...still hanging out and visiting.
Congratulations on your award Mom!
The Lifetime Over Achiever Award
My sister Heather put together a video that we showed that night. It just makes me laugh. It is an interview of all the grand kids.  It is posted below.


It was my assignment to create a slide show for the program. After MANY MANY hours of scanning and working, I was able to complete it...anything for my mom.
If you are interested in watching it, it is posted below.

Don't forget to pause the music off to the right before you press play.

Grandma's Birthday

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Is this kid for real?

This little card was attached to a Christmas present that Jace gave to John and I this year.  Sometimes I just can't get over this kid.  I know that I have to savor this stage in his life.  Soon he will be annoyed and embarrassed by us.  He will spend time not talking to us and not wanting to be around us.  For now, I'm going to bask in the sweetness of this 10 year old boy.