Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Bone and Back

Last Saturday was the To Bone and Back Ultra Marathon / Relay.  It is a 40 mile race that consists of LOTS of rolling hills. 

The majority of participants are runners in 8-person relay teams. Each runner carries a Bone baton for a 5-mile leg, and then hands off to the next teammate. There were several different team styles--men’s open, women’s open, family, co-ed, masters, and high school teams. They also had teams of smaller sizes--2-person teams (each member running 20 miles) and 4 person teams (each member running 10 miles). For the completely crazy...they could run the full 40-mile ultra marathon!  Barf!

I was on a women's open team.  There were 8 of us on the team, so we each ran a 5 mile leg.  I was the first to run out of my group.  I was glad to be first and get it over with.  I just didn't want to have the pressure of thinking about it all morning.  The race started at 7:30 am, so it was still nice and cool outside.  However, it didn't take long for it to heat up!  It turned out to be a very hot day.  I felt sorry for the last couple of runners.  I don't do well running in high temps like they did.  Glad I didn't have to do it.

My team ended up finishing 6th out of 16 women's open teams.  We were pleased with our time and certainly thought it would take us a lot longer to finish.

My sister ran on a 2 person team.  They each ran a total of 20 miles.  There time was 4:04:53 so they were running a 6:08 minute pace.  She is a total machine.

Some of the girls I ran with are already talking about the next relay.  That is our second relay in 2 weeks.  I guess I better keep up with the running!  Especially since I keep getting suckered into doing it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pillow Notes...

Haley wrote this sweet little Thank You note to John for taking her on their one-on-one outing (see previous post).  I just love it when you get sweet little letters tucked under your pillow.  She is famous for putting little notes under our pillows for us to find at night.  I know that we have to treasure these, because when they are teenagers, the notes STOP and the crusty looks and eye rolling STARTS.  Goody, goody, gum-drops!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Date

This past weekend, John took Haley on her annual overnight "Daddy Daughter Date".  Every summer he likes to take one kid at a time for a few days...and just get away.  Haley has been asking John to take her camping for about the last month.  So, he strapped the kayaks to the top of the van, loaded up some gear, and off they went.  She was thrilled to have some one on one time with her dad.

Getting ready to leave...
They ended up camping somewhere near the Tetons.  That place always seems to be calling John's name.  He could never get tired of that place.

They each had their own kayaks.  Haley looks so tiny in that huge thing.  She does quite well on her own.  Her right arm is stronger and so she usually ends up close to the bank of the lake.  She doesn't care, she is just happy to be out.

 Notice all the stuffed animals she took with her.  Every night she sleeps with about 10 or so.  They always appear to be mauling her when I check on her in the morning.
John said she was constantly watching the fire.
 John said they slept very well in this little two man tent.  I teased him that they HAD to after all the sleeping bags and things that he took.  I also told him that he must be getting old.  Pretty comical coming from someone that hates to sleep on the hard ground.

Haley had the camera during most of the driving time.  She took MANY pictures of the mountains out the window while they were driving.  Most of them were blurry.  She also took about 50 of the same pictures of the fire.  It was pretty funny looking at all the different angles of the fire.  Here is a picture of John from the back seat.  Haley's view...

What a great dad!!!  Don't you think??

Friday, June 15, 2012

Yep, we're busy.

Summer time is busy, crazy, and also very lazy.  We always seem to master all three.  Never a dull moment around these parts.  (Unless we are being a bunch of lazies.)

Haley is playing on a T-ball team this summer.  I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time during some of those games.  Sheer comedy.  After one of her morning games, I had to go home and re-apply some make-up.  I cried most of it off watching one of her games.  Too. dang. funny.  It wasn't even her team that was making me laugh so hard.  It was a darling team of little boys.  They would all go for the ball at once, slide to the base when it certainly wasn't necessary, and most of the time were not paying an ounce of attention to the game.  Good stuff I tell ya.  Haley is so cute to watch.  She loves it and is pretty good at it.  She can hit well, and run fast.
She cried all morning about having to wear these pants.
Once she got there she forgot all about it. Funny girl.

Recently, Jace ran in the Hershey Track Meet.  He was fun to watch and did a great job.  He ran both the 100 meter and the 200 meter.  He took 2nd in the 100 and 3rd in the 200.  He is 11 and was running against 11 and 12 year old boys.  I'm sure next year at age 12 we will see good things from him.  He is fast and likes to run.
Waiting for the race to start

Riley has a job this summer working at her dad's office.  It just makes me feel old.  Crap, I hate that.  But, I DO LOVE that she is working.  That means that she cannot sleep all day and be a total slug around the house (teens can be such pros at this). 

I went to the office on Thursday and saw her in action.  I felt old watching her answering the phones.  She used to be paralyzed talking to adults on the phone.  I remember watching her call our neighbor Leslie years ago.  She stewed about making that phone call for a long, long time.  She kept asking me to make the call for her and I refused.  John and I were so proud of her when she actually did it.  The reason for the call was to see if her kids could play night games.  Leslie is not at all a frightening person, but Riley was scared to death to call.  Silly girl.  It was an easy call that she could barely make.  She has come a long way.  Now we just need to buy another car so she can drive herself to work.
First pay check.  Way to go Riley!

I have decided to run another relay.  It is the "To Bone and Back" relay.  It is a total of 40 miles.  I am on a team with 8 girls.  We each have to run 5 miles.  The race is coming up and I am still walk/jogging 5 days a week.  At times my feet hurt and I keep wondering if I have shin splints coming on, but I will be danged if I am going to let that stop me.  It feels good accomplishing things.  The Bone run is on some major hills.  I am, once again, probably going to have a flat leg of the race.  The picture below shows a view of most of the race to Bone.  I will probably be running more in town...that's the flat part.  I wouldn't mind running up there near the windmills.  It's beautiful.  But, has those major butt-kicking hills.  Maybe next time.

Friday I took Riley and Brynn to the doctor.  When the nurse was in the room talking to us, I asked her if she would measure the 3 of us.  We have all been neck-in-neck in height.  I pride myself in being the tallest girl in my family of 8 girls.  Which really doesn't say much.  My sisters are all short.  We VERY recently measured Riley and Brynn, back-to-back.  They were exactly the same.  It seemed like a couple days later, Brynn looked a lot taller then Riley.  We put Riley and Brynn back-to-back and this is what we saw...
Brynn had passed Riley up!  Holy WEED!  So, when the nurse measured us the results were...
  • Brynn - 5'4" 3/4
  • Me - 5'4" 1/2
  • Riley 5'4"
How dare she pass the two of us up!  Actually, I am glad for her.  I've always wished I was a little taller.  Grow Brynny, GROW!

Monday, June 11, 2012

That Dam Marathon

Saturday I ran a Damn  marathon.  The Teton Dam Marathon (relay team) to be exact.  (There is just something fun about adding that little "n".  Such a rebel.)  Anyway...

A group of girls from my ward (plus a girl from across town) decided that sounded like a fun idea.  They asked this old-farty 40 year old to join them in their quest.  I made sure before I said yes that they were not in-it-to-win-it.  I would hate to ruin their time when I stop off at the gas station for a Mountain Dew, potty break, and a quick nap.

I have been running/walking 5 days a week with my friend Michelle.  Usually 4.5 to 7 miles.  We enjoy it, and we spend a lot of time chatting it up.  Working out is SO MUCH better when you have someone to do it with.  Michelle and I both have 4 kids each...and they are roughly the same age.  So yes, we have lots to talk about.  We have been exercise partners off and on for the last 20 years.  She's great!
We came up with a team name a few weeks ago--2 slow 2 win 2 determined 2 quit.  Before we settled on the name I gave them a few suggestions...

Wrong Distance Runners
Asphalt Assault
Old Enough to know Better
Time wounds all Heels
Hill is a 4 letter word
2 slow 2 win 2 dumb 2 quit
F.A.R.T.S - Friends Always Run Together Socially

The relay team had to be a the starting line around 6 am, so we could drop off our first runner.  I ran the 4th leg of the race, and it was a nice flat leg.  Just the way I like it.  Four of us (including myself) ran 4 miles and the other two girls ran 5 miles.  I couldn't believe all the hills in that marathon.  Totally brutal.  I would have died if I were the one to do that leg of the race.  Luckily, I was running with some amazingly athletic girls.

It was a little cold and a little breezy, but it definitely could have been a lot worse.  At the very end of the race we all joined the last runner and crossed the finish line together. 

I really enjoyed doing it as a relay team!!  We had a great time cheering each other on, and visiting in the car when it was not our turn to run.  I am so blessed to have such great friends!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This mess is a place...

This is our first week out of school for summer break.  To help cope with the craziness of it all, we are trying to do this...
Make Bed

Brush Teeth

Morning Prayers

Clean Room

Read for 20 minutes

Exercise / Treadmill

Do a Job

Personal Progress

Practice the Piano

Read the scriptures

Write in Journal

Brush Teeth

Night Prayers

The dreaded JOB CHART!  My kids act like they are being so picked on when I print these little babies off every summer.  They find this job chart to be just.......rude!  This year I made one for me too.  It has basically the same things on it.  Just to prove that it can be done, and is not that hard.  The chart is a little different for each kid.  I wanted to let my kids know that it is important to accomplish things in the day (like brush the sweater off your how hard is that?)

The chart may make me look a little like a slave driver.  Believe me, they are still getting PLENTY of T.V. time sitting on their cans.  I have a little Doug A in me---I like to see productivity.

My two youngest enjoy doing the things on their chart and checking them off.  Jace had his almost all done this morning when I got up to go run.  I glanced in his bedroom and his bed was already made and he was downstairs working on his job chart.  He reminds me so much of my brother Brian when it comes to things like this.  I remember Brian being on top of this like this.  He was so good at so many things.  My mom made the same comment today when I was talking to her about this subject.

Now I just need to get my older kids to buy into the idea.  That might be a bit of a hard sell.  I may resort to a little of this...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jace's paper

The previous post talked about going through end of school year paperwork.  I found this when I went through some of Jace's paperwork.  He always makes me smile.  He is such a kind boy and is so sensitive.  I'm sure he would make a great dentist....just like his dad.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Creative Writing

My kids just finished school and are now on summer break.  As all kids do, they come home with lots of broken crayons, tons of papers, trashy backpacks, old folders, etc. (To say NOTHING of the way that they SMELL when they get home.  I could dedicate an entire post about this). It seems like it takes a little while to look through all their end-of-year things.  I mostly do this to make sure there is nothing I want to keep---in all their piles of c-r-a-p.

As I looked through Haley's things, I came across a creative writing folder that had this little gem in it.  And yes, I made me laugh out loud...

She cut out the above picture, glued it onto the page, and explained the picture with the first sentence.  I'm sure her teacher got a good laugh out of this one.

Yes, John has been a bit crabby with Riley lately. 

In his defence--she often does stupid teenage things (like dance behind a customer at the local grocery store (without his knowledge) while her friend video tapes her and posts it on Facebook.  She got the idea by watching "Dance Dares" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show).

In her defence--she is a teenager and most of the time they just don't think clearly.

Teenager - "When I say I cleaned my room, I usually mean I made a path from my door to my bed."