Friday, August 10, 2012

Girls Camp

I am WAY behind on my blogging....because I was in bed foreeeeeeeeeever.  Stupid foot surgery.  So, this post was started before the surgery...and now I am trying to finish it, much later.  We will see how good this old woman's memory is.  I'm sure it's nice and cloudy.  Anyway....
Well, I did it!  I survived 3 1/2 days of girls camp.  There were times when I wasn't so sure that I would. 

We left Tuesday morning (July 17th) with several leaders and 27 young women.  It didn't take long for us to reach our destination and begin setting up camp.  The young women slept in 4 large tents and the leaders and Priesthood each had their own tents.

We spent most of the day setting up camp, going over rules, working on crafts, and certification.

After dinner we had a fashion show.  We paired all the girls up in groups of two.  Each girl worked with her partner to come up with an outfit for themselves.  They were each given a white garbage sack and they all had access to lots and lots of rolls of "funky" duck tap to jazz it up.  They were so creative!  While they were working on their outfits, the leaders made an outfit for Brother Hart who was one of the priesthood leaders.  He was a good sport and wore the outfit.  When the outfits were all completed, they each took a turn on the runway to show off their outfit.

Working on their outfits....

Brynn with her funky duck tape socks....
Riley is just so shy.....NOT!
The wild and crazy group!!
Later that evening (when it got dark) we had a night hike. The night hike was a short, spiritual hike done in several small groups, it was led by 1 YCL. There were several stops along the way where there was a leader that gave them a message. I think the girls enjoyed the night hike. I had to give the last message. I had to wait in the dark (with my flashlight) for the different groups to make it to my area. It was a little bit freaky. I wasn't really in the mood to be bear food.

Wednesday was hike day...boy was it ever hike day.  We hiked to the Upper Palisades Lake.  The hike was a total of 17.2 miles!  Many people hike in and camp there, but we did it all in one day.  We are animals!  We hiked the heck out of those girls!  We left for the hike at 9:00 and had to drive a little over 45 minutes to the hike.  We were probably on the trail for about 9 hours.  After the hike we went and got ice cream and then drove back to camp.  We didn't eat dinner that night until almost 10pm.  It was long and hard, but very rewarding.  I think it proved to everyone that we can do hard things.

By the end, Riley had some major blisters on her feet.  Check out those blisters on her big toes!

Thursday we let the girls sleep in a little after the long hike the day before.  Mid morning we got ready to go climbing.  We climbed and repelled this large mountain.  It was hard, but fun!  I was quite tired from the day before, but still didn't want to pass up the opportunity to climb.  I didn't get as high as I would have liked to...I think I was just too pooped!

Thursday night at bed time, some of the girls snuck over to the leaders tent and scared the holy heck out of us.  I was elbowed in the face by my friend Britnee (because we were sleeping next to each other).  When the girls finally left, Britnee and I COULD NOT stop laughing.  Every time the leader tent would get quiet, we would both bust out laughing.  As soon as one of us would stop, we could feel each other shaking (laughing silently) and we would both start up again.  I was afraid the rest of the leaders were going to throw us out on our cans, so I was finally able to gain composure.  I'm pretty sure I could have gone on all night otherwise.  When it's late, I get a little slap happy and cannot stop laughing.  Everytime I think about that night, I just bust out laughing.

Friday morning we took the tents down, ate breakfast, and got the heck outta there!  I couldn't hardly wait to get home and shower.  Grunge-fest 2012! 

We have such awesome girls in the ward and SUCH GREAT LEADERS!  It makes it so fun to work in the Young Womens!!

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