Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to the grind

School is officially back in session.  It is with mixed emotions that I send my kids back to school.  There is something so wonderful about summer.  No major schedule and just the lazy, carefree days.

The popsicle stained tongues, dirty feet, sun kissed cheeks, sleeping in, baseball games, hot days/cool nights, smell of fresh cut grass, swimming, flip flops, sounds of sprinklers and crop dusting airplanes, empty popcorn bowls, etc.

Towards the end of summer, I noticed that we were all getting a little more impatient with each other... and I knew that it was time.  Time to be back on a schedule.  Time to be working, improving, accomplishing.  (That doesn't always happen in the summer).

This year, Riley is at the High School.  It just so happens to be the same High School that I went to (about 5 years ago, er more like 22 years ago...ouch that is a little painful).  But, some of the same teachers that were there (those many years ago), are still there.  This just completely blows Riley's mind.  She thinks I am like a dinosaur, so she can't even comprehend that they taught ME.

Riley is taking some hard classes.  She always seems to breeze through classes (even though she can drive me crazy with her procrastination--that may be the death of me).  She is taking a couple of guitar classes this year.  That should be interesting.  I hope she likes it because I went out and bought a guitar before school started.
Brynn is in the oldest class at the Middle School.  They changed the school from a Junior High to a Middle School (7th and 8th grades only).  The 9th grade class was moved over to the High School.  I'm glad that Riley and Brynn are 10th and 8th grades, so they were not flung into the change.  It will give me some time to prepare for next year.  Sending Brynn to the High School next year may just put me over the edge.  I get nauseous just thinking about it now.  I think I am a slightly over protective mom.  Okay, maybe I am more like a momma bear and will kill anyone that messes with my children.

Brynn is playing the violin again.  She didn't play last year because she wanted to take cooking and sewing.  I think she was a little disappointed with those classes.  She thought she was going to learn lots and lots and ended up a little frustrated.  She doesn't like to carry the violin to school.  (I so remember hating that too).  I think she feels a little nerdy or something.  I hope she will stick with it.
Jace is a 6th grader--last year of Elementary school.  I can't even believe that.  He is just a great kid.  I hope he has a great last year in elementary school. 
 Haley has the same teacher this year as she did last year.  Her teacher "looped" and so she has the same students as last year.  I like this.  Haley already knows the rules and I already know what the teacher expects and how things are done.

 I sure love my kids!  I hope we have a fantastic year!!

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