Friday, November 16, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 16

Day 16 - Just sitting here thinking of all the things I am grateful for.  It's funny how long your list can be when you really just sit down and think about it.  Just so many blessings in my life.

Today I am grateful for music.  All kinds of music.  I grew up playing the violin.  Do I play well now?  Not really.  But, playing the violin has given me a huge appreciation for classical music.  I also grew up doing ballet, which has also added to my appreciation and love for classical music.

I love listening to the piano being played.  Not so much when I play it.  (But, I do enjoy playing the piano--just need to practice a little more.)

I love listening to just about any instrument.  Some of my very favorites are the acoustic guitar, piano, and cello.  When I was younger, I wanted to learn how to play the drums, or guitar.  Still wish I knew how. 

I have been singing with my 7 sisters since I was a young girl.  Mostly 3 to 4 part harmony.  We love the opportunity to sing together.  When we practice, we usually spend more time talking and laughing, then practicing.  When my dad was very sick and close to dying, he was talking to my oldest sister Lori.  He asked her to make sure that we keep singing.  "Keep singing" was what he whispered to her the day before he passed away.  Nothing could put a smile on his face more, then hearing his girls sing.  There are times now, when I am singing, that I have to choke back the tears because I can picture my dad sitting there with a great big smile on his face.  And sometimes, I'm not able to keep the tears back.

I remember several years ago, my sisters and I were the opening act for the group "Reunion".  Two of the men in the group were years ago, in the group "The Letterman".  We actually opened for them in Logan, Boise, and a couple of times in Idaho Falls.  When we were in Boise, the day of the concert, we went to the State Capital.  We went and sang in Governor Dirk Kempthorne's office.  After singing for the Governor, we went and sang to the members of House of Representatives--who were in session.  Before we sang, they were having what seemed like a "heated discussion".  We sang a song called "Love in a Home".  Later we were told by people there, how that instantly changed the mood and feeling in the room.  Oh, the amazing power of music.

I love listening to, and singing hymns.  Nothing more powerful then hymns, and nobody better at singing hymns then the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I didn't have much of a taste for them when I was young, but now I love to listen to them.

Really, I can't think of any music that I don't like...except for maybe the recorder, kazoo, and chopsticks played over-and-over-and-over.  Oh, and Rap music.  Oh man, I can't stand Rap music.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”― Hans Christian Andersen

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