Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last day of school

Today is the last day of school for my 4 little stink weeds.  I'm sitting here in my quiet house wondering how we are going to manage the summer.  Dealing with chaos and total messes is not my forte.  I can do it!  I must be strong!  hee hee!  (Do you like my little pep-talk?)

Riley is finishing 10th grade and will be at the same school with Brynn next year.  (Both at the High School.)  Brynn is finishing her 8th grade year.  Both Riley and Brynn are finishing with straight A's.  They work hard and I'm so glad for that.  They are both planning on taking some online classes this summer.  Riley is signed up for Economics and Brynn is signed up for a math class.  They are doing it because they WANT to...what the heck!?  They would like to get those classes out of the way.  Riley has done online summer classes in the past...History and Health.  She was glad that she took the classes.  This summer Riley also wants to take Calculus and Trigonometry online in addition to her Economics class.  Where in the heck did this math wiz come from?  That is a stupid question...COMPLETELY from her dad.  I am about as smart as a fence post when it comes to math.  I think I must give some of the credit to all the crappy math teachers I had along the way.  Oh, I had some doozies!  And one of them still teaches at the High School.  I hope my girls are not biting off more then they can chew in the way of classes this summer.  It may be WAY too much, and we may be pulling our hair out over here.  But, it will keep them productive (which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)!

Jace graduated from 6th grade yesterday and will be heading over to the Junior High, which happens to be the same Junior High that I went to, MANY moons ago.  I will only have one left at the grade school next year.

Haley just finished second grade and will moving to 3rd grade...AND a different school.  Good thing she is not in the least bit shy and will probably march right in without giving it a second thought.  She has the ability to talk to just about anyone without being nervous.  I find it SO entertaining sometimes.  I'm not sure if she gets that from her mom, or her dad.  She will stop people that are walking by on the street and talk to them.  Usually because they are walking a dog, and she loves dogs more then anything.

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