Saturday, September 28, 2013

CHEMO Round 2...check

Oh man, chemo round 2 wasn't easy!  I feel battled and bruised, but I still won.  This time I opted to try just the chemotherapy without going in the next day for the Neulasta shot.  The Neulasta shot is something they do the day after to help boost your white blood count.  My white count levels were at 11 and I just wanted to see if I could do it without the @#$ shot.  That shot is the devil...but it works.  I have never been in more pain in my entire life then Round 1 with the Neulasta.

Neulasta® works as a white cell booster. Neulasta® works similarly to a protein that is made in the body. It acts on the cells in our bone marrow to increase the number of new white blood cells that are formed.

  • An improvement in your white blood cell counts will show that Neulasta® is working

  • Neulasta® helps protect your natural defenses with just 1 injection per cycle of chemo. It is given approximately 24 hours after you receive chemo...And then you want to lay in the road and wait for the next car to hit you, because it would feel better.  Okay I added that last part.

With the Neulasta, your bones ACHE and ACHE!  I thought ALL my pain from CHEMO Round 1 were because of the affects of the Neulasta.  I figured, my levels are where they need to be, I'm young sort of young, let's just try this without the shot this time.  Chemo=joint and muscle pain... Neulasta=bone pain.

What I learned this round...
  • The pain from the chemotherapy DEFINITELY contributed to Round 1 pain.  Joint and muscle pain galore!  I could no longer blame the Neulasta shot entirely.  (Although that shot is still the devil.  The bone pain associated with it is indescribable.  Some people have been known to use Morphine to help with the pain.)
  • My white count dropped from 11 to 4, and now I have a cold.  They had to put me on an antibiotic to ensure no infection.
  • Lucky me...I will probably have to do the shot Round 3.
A week and two days later, I am still achy, tired, and moving slowly.  Only I think I am a little more tired as I wasn't completely back from Round 1.  I think each round will build and build without ever fully recovering.  Sounds a little scary.

What I ALSO learned this round...
  • There are so many good people out there!
  1. Phone calls/texts/emails of encouragement
  2. Cards
  3. Gifts
  4. DINNERS brought in by ANGELS!  I can't imagine cooking dinner right after chemo. UGH!
  5. Helpers around every corner!  One morning I was in bed and I could hear someone banging on my door.  I could tell that the person was persistent and was not going to go away.  As I neared my front door I could see my sister Monica's face pressed up near the glass.  I opened the door and she flew by me, into the kitchen.  She opened the dishwasher and said, "Clean or dirty?"  She unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, swept and mopped the floor, vacuumed the upstairs, cleaned a bathroom, and cleaned 2 bedrooms.  She would have stayed longer, but had a child to pick up.
Makes me cry just thinking about all the support I have been receiving.  What a blessing!!  I couldn't do it without it! 

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Kari Cheney said...

you are so strong Heidi!! Hang in there!