Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All the pretty little ponies

I am feeling so much better this week.  I love good days when I feel good enough to get out of the house.  I am also loving this fall weather!  My favorite time of year!

I keep thinking about something that happened last week, to my sister, and I just have to laugh.

My younger sister, Pauline, has 11 children.  YES 11!  She is a saint I tell ya!  I don't know how she does it!  NINE of them are girls.  That is a lot of hormones under one roof.  It is a good thing that they are all so well behaved!

Pauline called me last week to check on me.  It was on a day that I felt like crap.  I was in bed when she called.  We had only been chatting for a few minutes when she told me that a couple of her horses got out, and she needed to call me back.  About an hour later, she called me back and shared with me this story.

When she discovered the 2 horses were out, she threw on some clothes and running shoes, knowing that flip flops and a bathrobe were not going to cut it.  They are, after all, living on something like 15 acres.

The horses were still in the yard, and were being stopped from heading out of the main driveway area by some helpful neighbors.  Pauline ran outside and grabbed a large bucket of oats and began to chase after the horses.  The horses were running full speed around the yard.  Due to the recent moisture, the grass was being torn up by their hooves.  Pauline soon realized that the 2 horses were now being joined by 3 more horses.  All five were out, and now she was trying to catch 5 horses.

She knew that there was no way she was going to be able to stop these 5 crazy horses and convince them to join her back in the fenced area.  She called her husband Dan at work and enlisted his help.  A few minutes later, Dan was home.  He took the bucket of oats, and in no time had slowed the horses down.  Pauline said that Dan had said something to one of the horses, and shortly after they all followed him back to the fenced area.  Pauline just stood there shaking her head, and she joked with the neighbors about how Dan was a horse whisperer.  My guess is that he whispered, "You will be tonight's dinner if you do not get back in the pasture."

Later, when Dan had returned to work, Pauline texted him and said, "The horses mind me about as well as the kids do."

Somehow, lying in bed didn't sound so bad anymore. 

Life.  Never a dull moment.

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